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  1. Hi All, Looking for 2.8 DX zoom lenses for Nikon. Thanks Joe
  2. Just got a check for my first underwater sale http://www.joedamonephotography.com/Site_9...u_for_kids.html Thanks Joe
  3. Hi Worm girl or anyone else would love an ID on this varmint Thanks Joe
  4. Here is one of my Dogs Frankie
  5. worm girl where are you? jd
  6. Is this a sponge or a tunicate ? Latin name would help. Also from west coast of Florida Thanks Joe
  7. Thanks all I am going with the before mentioned ID. I have another request (see below) I know its a tunicate but witch one? Is it Clavelina picta ? Also from the gulf off of Tarpon Springs
  8. Thanks worm girl. The arms look at little thicker than the images I found of Echinaster sentus. Maybe someone else will chime in Joe
  9. Hi All, Shot this in the Gulf of Mexico. Its not in the Human book. Can anyone ID this for me. Latin name would be helpful Thanks Joe
  10. Hi All, Cant seen to get the scan to look good as the slide. So I removed the sunburst and did some color tweaking in PS. Hows it look? Cant decide if it looks natural or not Thanks Joe Looking at it again I think the " fixed version" looks worse than the original. Comments advise ? Thanks Joe
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