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  1. Well, in the end, I went to Belize without an external strobe. Thank you to Simon and SharpDiver for offering your suggestions and advice. In the end, I had a ball with the camera, even without the strobe. I just went in knowing that I was limited to close-up and macro (and I remembered to press the macro button . I also got some tips from the photo and video guys on the Aggressor. I am convinced that the Canon S45 is awesome! Or maybe it is the diving in Belize? Each day, after diving, I plugged the camera in to the TV in the Aggressor salon, and reviewed the photos of the day with friends and who-ever else happened to be in the room. After the first few dives, it was quite clear that I am a natural at photographing fish buts and tails, and have a soft spot for abstract art. But as the week continued, these themes grew less and less. I've posted a link to the best 24 in the photo critique forum. Perhaps for next year, I will get a strobe (I did sometimes get backscatter in my close ups when there was water in the background, and on occasion being close up wasn't that feasible), but I am very satisfied with my first adventure with the underwater camera. It was a lot of fun. Some items of note are: - Since I do not have a laptop, I took 2 256mb CF cards, a spare battery, the TV connection cord and the battery charger (and of course the underwater housing). - When I heavily used the camera during a a dive, I had to change the battery before the next dive. - The camera fogged-up a few times. I brought the defogger liquid with me, but forget a lens cloth or tissue (borrowed some from the photo guy). Using this liquid only seemed to guarantee no fogging for one dive. It was a bit of a hassle to change the battery and defog the lens before each dive. - I initially had the photo preview turned on (this is the default). But because of this 2 seconds between photos, I missed a few good photo opprotunities, so I eventually turned it off. - At the advice of the one of the Agressor crew, I used aperture F8 for most of the trip. I guess that was good? I didn't play with it too much. I was too busy chasing fish. - I never figured out how to change the white balance between cloudy and daylight underwater. This was a little annoying since almost all our dives started deep and then ended in the shallow water. So I just left it on cloudy the whole time, never tried the daylight setting. - The Belize diving was great! - The Belize Aggressor crew were superb.
  2. Hi all. Here is a selection (24 photos) from the trip. Let me know what you think (...even though this was my 1st time taking photos under-water...). http://www.geocities.com/emsproul I am thinking of submitting the juvenile drum photo (1st photo on page 2) in the Aggressor digital photo contest. So any thoughts or comments are appreciated. Canon S45 in WPDC300 housing, no external flash.
  3. Sure matacumbie. I'll be on the Belize Aggressor and I get back the end of May.
  4. Thanks Simon. Looks a little intimidating to me. Well, my trip is 2 weeks away and I still haven't made a decision (got distracted with my other hobby - sailing). I may be going strobless.
  5. Nice shot of the Epoque ES150 setup. I like the low profile. Is that an Epoque tray as well? Can someone post a shot of the Ikelite DS50 or DS125 setup with the Cannon WPDC300 housing?
  6. Thanks for the great advice. I will look into an Ikelite strobe, but it is very pricey. Does anyone ever rent just the strobe?
  7. Hello. Just bought a digital camera (Cannon S45) and the underwater housing. Will be diving next month in Belize for 6 days and I will be a newbie to underwater photography and to digital photography. I do not have a strobe. I've been reading about the backscatter problems with the internal flash and about adjusting white balance. Being that these items seem like a lot to master and the fact that I am hesitant to continue the recent big payouts, I do not plan to get a strobe right now. Do you think I will regret not having a strobe?
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