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  1. Oh sorry... my misunderstanding. I can’t tell you the other. Can you not get weight specifications from the product websites. I can tell you that I’m salt water, my typical setup is probably about 3-4 kg negative. The dome makes a big difference and if I shoot all day with my mini dome, my hands are tired. The 8” dome makes the rig a little less heavy, but it also causes the rig to want to “twist” into a dome-up position. I should add that I don’t use floats at all. I have too much crap to carry now. I don’t bother even for local diving.
  2. I just had this chat with a friend who was pondering a Nikon Mirrorless vs a DSLR, so I'm tell you what I told him. The weight of a specific camera body and lens won't be substantially different than any other comparable body and lens. They aren't the problem. It's all the other junk you need to take a few pics in the water. Will you be carrying strobes and batteries, multiple lenses, arms, domes, rings etc? And then there's the housing... They all add up. What I can tell you is that my D500, Aquatica housing, two Ikelite 161s, a Tokina 10-17, Nikkor 105, Nikkor 60, a wet, diopter, mini-dome, cords and a few tools, all jammed into a Pelican 1510 roller case is about 43 pounds. I also tote an 8" dome and macro port in my clothes bag. and then in a backpack, a second D500 body with a Nikkor 12-24 and maybe a crappy topside zoom. Oh, and a 15" MacBook. So basically, my camera gear is about the same weight as my dive gear. I take a few clothes, but mostly to pad other gear. In my next life, I'm taking up badminton,
  3. I can’t speak to the Ikelite question but I will say that the vacuum system provides a very nice bit of comfort. I draw a vacuum in my Aquatica system before breakfast and If it’s still good an hour later I know it’s one less thing to worry about. The little green light is oddly comforting. I’ll add that on my last housing the vacuum told me that I had a minor leak someplace. It turned out that it was a fitting with a hairline crack. There was no water getting in so if not for the vacuum, I’d have been oblivious to the problem until it was perhaps too late.. If your comparing costs, don’t forget to factor in the lens. I’m shooting a D500 and depending on the lens, I could easily have $3500 CDN in that little box. The vacuum is obviously a fraction of that.
  4. Hi Hannah Congrats on you purchase. I used the V for years and it’s a great little camera although now that I’ve gone digital I’d never go back. Regarding servicing the hidden o-rings, well all rubber bits dry out over time so considering this thing has likely been sitting around for a decade or more, I think you’d be wise to get them done. I can’t comment on the service places you mention. Regarding the lens cap, I have a bin full of old Nikonos stuff. I used the 28 and 15mm lenses mostly but I might have a 35 as well that I used with tubes for macro. If I have one, you’re welcome to it. I’m away from home currently but I’ll have a look next week. stu
  5. https://www.ikelite.com/products/nimh-battery-pack-for-ds161-ds160-ds125-strobes?_pos=12&_sid=7508cf340&_ss=r I replaced one of mine... delivered within a couple of days. There's only one reason someone would sell a used battery... ;-)
  6. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but a quick search didn't show up anything. I made a little discovery that I wanted to share in case it helps anyone. I purchased a D500 10 days ago (New Aquatica Housing this week!) only to discover that I couldn't open Nikon's new (to me) RAW format. After a few minutes of Googling, I got a knot in my stomach. I am using a 4 year old MacBook Pro, and I own Adobe Creative Suite 5.5. In a nutshell, "everybody" said I had to get the free DNG converter from Adobe. Problem was, to get the most current DNG wizard, I'd need to update my Mac OS to (cringe) Catalina, which is getting lukewarm reviews. More importantly, if I updated the OS, none of my CS 5.5 software would work (nor my MS Office, but who cares.) So that meant "renting forever" LR and PS... not a huge expense, but the kicker was, I use InDesign for publication stuff, so suddenly I'm looking at about $75 CDN a month,... forever. Not cool. Anyway, after searching for some workaround, I was convinced I was screwed. But it seems a modified solution was right in front of me, and it was dirt simple. And free! It seems that the Mac "Preview" application will open the NEF files. From there, it's a simple step to export as a TIFF, which if uncompressed is about 150 MB file. That opens beautifully in LR and PS and while it may not be the true RAW, it's a glorious hi res file. So there you go.. saved me a fortune. Happy shooting. (PS I'll be listing my D7000 housing and camera shortly. It' being overhauled this week at Aquatica!)
  7. I use the mini dome and Tokina as well as an 8" dome. When I"m at home, shooting wrecks, there's no advantage whatsoever. Diving in BC and in warmer waters, it's this allows for some unusual perspectives as well. I've not tried any "actual" CFWA with the converter, but would like to. I'm on the cusp of a camera upgrade, so I'l hold off doing anything there until I have settled on that. But I wouldn't hesitate at all in buying one if you're shooting smaller stuff. It's obviously not a macro lens but it fills that "in between" hole.
  8. That would be cool. I love my 161's and they're bombproof it seems. But they've been around a while and they ARE heavy. I lighter version, with brighter video lights would be awesome.
  9. It may not be an entirely accurate comparison but I have a Nikon 12-24 on a D7000. I find it pretty good for a lot of things, but not great at any of them. I replaced it with a Tokina 10-17 which is a far better WA lens. Having said that, there are times when I want a little more reach... sharks for example. I still want to get their entire body in, but they don't come close enough for the Tokina. It's not a fisheye either, which has it's benefits at times. Of course, when I realize that, it's sitting at home, collecting dust.
  10. Thanks Tom... I've heard that there is a way to post full frame, but again, it seems like a lot of work! ;-) @stu_seldon Don't rush. Although there is a link to my website there. ;-)
  11. OK folks, am I missing something here? I take great care in how I compose my images, but Instagram "insists" on cropping the image... doesn't it? I have nothing against square, but if I wanted a square image, I'd take it that way... Not to mention the ridiculous workflow to put an image up there from a laptop. Help out a skeptic will ya? ;-)
  12. I'm glad that that worked out for you. Sadly, most companies take the "replace, don't repair" approach. I suppose it's easier and adds more to their bottom line. Some time ago, I went through something similar with a refrigerator. My local sales/service guy wouldn't even come to look at it when I described the symptoms. I spent some time on Google, ordered a part on-line ($83 CAD) and with about 15 minutes effort, it was up and running and has been for two years not. A new refrigerator was going to be close to $2000.
  13. They're the same strobe, except the 161 has a video light in it. I don't shoot video, but I find it helpful in very low light situations. Whether it would help or not in a resale I couldn't say...
  14. If you want an actual label, these things are bomb-proof... http://mabelslabels.com/
  15. Agree about the dividers rather than foam...
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