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  1. There is some setting I overlooked that specifically allows you to use the button always or only in video mode - found it thanks to your comments - thanks to the both of you That will definitely save me some time
  2. do you have the A7R ii? by defalt it would not allow me to do so in any mode other than the video mode [edit: found the setting I was overlooking.... thanks a lot! now the button works everywhere] Actually the liveaboard idea with a photographic component is a cool idea, I didn't know that this is offered on liveaboards (haven't actually joined any yet). I think I'd go for it. And yeah it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or not, your feedback and suggestions are definitely welcome I really like your macro pics... maybe I have to buy a macro lens, looks like a lot of fun I must say
  3. It does not allow me to take videos and specifically tells me it's invalid in any other mode than video - couldn't find any settings that would change it... I'll to google some more, but I'm relatively confident it won't work for the a7r ii
  4. A7r ii with a cheap meikon housing (can't switch between video and pics because of the housing unless I figure out a solution that can hold a button down) 28mm + 0.75 converter + fisheye dome Got the set cheap from somebody from work so had to go for it I took it out only once yet but had only ambient light - it's an insane camera but I make my fair amount of mistakes Since I cannot switch modes for now, I usually only take pics (my preference) Actually here are my first pics - would appreciate feedback as well (chumpon Thailand, nothing much to see but missed whalesharks by 5 minutes) https://photos.app.goo.gl/grXRNHZ1wZYZzuxP8 Probably used too fast shutter speed which lead to high iso and a lot of noise but was worried about blurry pics. Probably did a bit too much of editing as well...
  5. For this trip I only had the camera, not even a housing. The camera a just bought is extremely buyoent so I'll need to add some weight... So prolly need a tray for the new one one way or another - thanks, good recommendation
  6. Indeed it does - my bad when rendering the video in the end (my old camera shoots 1080p so I actually must have chosen the wrong resolution in the end out of habit. That being said I still have the raw files )
  7. Thanks for your feedback, I definitely appreciate it. 1) makes perfect sense, recently read about it in a book as well 2 and 4) fair 3) I think this specific point will impact me the most. It's obvious but I haven't thought about it and one of the things that annoys me the most is my shaky videos... That should help, thanks! 5) bought some lighting for my new gear, hopefully this will solve the issue partially and I agree with what you
  8. Hi, At the end of last year I went to Raja Ampat and ever since I can stop thinking of it. I borrowed a tg5 back then and now have my own gear. Everything is shot while snorkeling / freediving, most of it just within 50 meters off the beach. https://youtu.be/7PCJRhowV0Y I thought I could share it here to get ideas on how I could improve my underwater footage. I haven't post-processed the video other than putting it all together. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I'm using the meikon housing for the a7r ii and was wondering if there is a way around the limitation of not being able to use the mode selector wheel. There is actually a control for the wheel, but the button that needs to be pressed in order to rotate the wheel does not exist. I have a feeling that there might be another solution that pushes down the button and then the wheel should be able to do its job. Was wondering if anyone out there had a solution to this problem. I'd love to be able to take pictures and videos during the same dive... Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the explanations to the both of you! It's much clearer to me now
  11. http://www.weefine.com/product-details.php?cid=8&id=24is the light
  12. Hi, I recently bought a second hand Sony 7ar II‚Äč that came with a 28mm + 0.75 wide angle converter + meikon housing + fisheye dome. I've reached out to a local underwater camera vendor and they suggested me to buy the weefine smart focus 6000 video light that also has a burst mode. Little did I know that the burst mode is not compatible with my housing although I specifically mentioned all the details when I contacted the vendor (still a beginner). It seems like the light requires an optic Fibre cable while the housing uses something I believe they call 'Synchro cable port'. https://meikon.com.hk/products/sony-a7r-ii-40m-130ft-meikon-underwater-camera-housing I can't figure out if there is a solution to this problem that does not require me to either change the housing or the light, so I wanted to ask you guys for your expertise whether or not there is some kind of converter that would allow me to use the cable with my port. Happy to take pictures and answer questions for clarification. I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I'm an expat living in Thailand and just started with underwater photography. I've been freediving and scuba diving for a while now and took pictures and videos with action cameras and the tg5 before, but just recently bought a mirrorless. Mostly I'm in Thailand but every now and then I go to neighbor countries like the Philippines and Indonesia.
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