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  1. Found this guy off of Playa Ocotal in Costa Rica. Was about 40 feet in the sandy area of a shoot. Any ideas? http://Guanacaste201720170924_50 by Corby James, on Flickr
  2. That is a good way to look at it Adam...kind of like a puzzle.
  3. I'm sure there is something that I am missing, but I am trying to tie morphology to the scientific naming and not having great luck. Some are ok, like Nembrotha species, until you find Tambja morosa that looks like it should be in that group. I've never taken a marine biology class, so there is probably something terribly basic and obvious that I need to learn...
  4. Wow, good call Jeff. Never would have looked in that direction. BTW, went to your site and it helped me identify a couple more that I couldn't find in my books. Impressive species list you have.
  5. This guy was pretty big, maybe 4-6 inches across.
  6. Also from Anilao. I'm guessing Flabellina because of the coloration, but not sure...
  7. I think this is a Chomodoris species, but I can't find it in any of the books. It is not magnifica because it doesn't have white on it. Any ideas?
  8. Jason, I have many similar shots. There are a couple of things you can try. One is shooting a snoot to try to light only the seahorse. Also try strobe positioning to focus light on the target and not as much on the background. I have never tried it, but I have heard of people putting a piece of plastic or such behind to get a white or black background, but a lot of times that is limited by where your subject is and you obviously want to be careful not to stress the critters out too much as it can kill them. Corby
  9. Hi all, I'm doing portrait shots in the pool and trying to figure out a way to trigger my studio strobes that will sit by the side of the pool (battery operated). I'll be using the Nauticam housing for the 5d mark iv. The only thought I had was to see if I could get optical slaving to work and stick one strobe slightly out of the water. Any ideas? Thanks, Corby
  10. Sorry, I had the dimensions on this wrong, it is an 8 inch dome, not 12. I thought the ikelite port number was for the smaller acrylic dome.
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