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  1. Thanks Steve (I'm not too far as in Warwickshire). I have downloaded Xray excellent mag & your article. I will probably go over & do SS Coolidge for 7days, back to 14 days Solomon with Spirit of Solomon or Bilikiki & onto Spirit of Niugini PNG , although have yet to check reviews on this latter boat. Any links to reviews on Spirit of Niugini would be good. Into uw photos' with D700, Ikelite Strobes etc. It looks like travel to Brisbane (?) & then island hopping back to places above? Regards.
  2. Anyone recently dived re above? What's the vis like and is the coral damaged? I would be looking to do wrecks & reefs etc. from liveaboard. Info on liveaboard experiences in region would also be of use.
  3. Anyone used Nikon Capture NX2 Auto Brush for backscatter?
  4. Hi Am about to try Fuji Velvia 50 - 135-36 - latest version for macro (Nikon N90s 60mm Macro Ikelite Ho. DS-125 x2). I have seen advice about exposing at 40 ISO instead of 50? I normally use Kodak 100 ISO EXB. Any observations would be welcome. Happy New Year!
  5. I have Nikon N90s with Twin DS-125. On TTL I am getting slight overexposure. Is this function of strobes and/or N90s? I can work around with ex compensation but can it be rectified? Using slides.
  6. I have an Ikelite Nikon N90s housing/two DS-125's (yes still film, hope I am not going to get thrown off this site!!) and am trying to work out a good attachment point on the Tray that holds the housing? Those familiar with the Tray/housing set up will know what I mean. There is no immediate attachment point which is secure, either on the housing which would I think put too much strain on the housing or the handles on the tray at the side. I have thought a way would be to drill through the handles and fit a captive ring (straps could then be attached to the ring) but ensure these holes/rings would not foul the Strobe arms which in turn drop into the handles. The other question is: can one fit the Ultralight arms to the existing 1" ball (Ultra and Ikelite both have a 1" ball) on t the Ikelite and also use Ikelite swivel clips, again as they take 1†ball? Any advice would be appreciated.
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