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  1. Hi All. Just starting to get into UW videography and curious-- what rules are there on the suggested spacing of video lights? I'm rocking 2x Sola 9600 flood lights w/ Nauticam housing and RX100IV, and looking at just doing a V configuration with an arm on each side (no "M"). Not sure how long I should get the arms. On a side note: Also curious as to the possibility of using Flex arms instead, and the max weight they can handle. Each light weighs about 1 lb on land. Whole rig weighs 1.2 lbs in fresh water without any arms (weighed in my tub). I couldn't find any information anywhere online as to a table of lumens vs light spacing distance, or a max weight for flex arms. So I think this could be helpful for anybody else trying to get into this hobby. Thanks!
  2. I think a tripod would help stabilize the macro footage. Saw some pretty cheap ones on backscatter. Not sure if they ship to Italy but you might be able to find similar near you.
  3. doesn't this camera shoot 4k? Footage looks good.
  4. I have a similar set up to Castillo (RX100 series). Not to hijack the thread, but curious-- what kind of video lights would go best?
  5. Just got a Sony RX100IV with Nauticam housing. I've seen some absolutely amazing videos on Youtube done by this camera, I'm hoping to do the same
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