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  1. Hi All. Just starting to get into UW videography and curious-- what rules are there on the suggested spacing of video lights?


    I'm rocking 2x Sola 9600 flood lights w/ Nauticam housing and RX100IV, and looking at just doing a V configuration with an arm on each side (no "M"). Not sure how long I should get the arms.



    On a side note:


    Also curious as to the possibility of using Flex arms instead, and the max weight they can handle. Each light weighs about 1 lb on land.

    Whole rig weighs 1.2 lbs in fresh water without any arms (weighed in my tub).



    I couldn't find any information anywhere online as to a table of lumens vs light spacing distance, or a max weight for flex arms. So I think this could be helpful for anybody else trying to get into this hobby. Thanks!

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