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  1. Are there any scratches in the lenses or viewfinder? Do you accept pay pal?
  2. Can you please tell me what the diameter of the port is where it attaches to the housing? Thanks
  3. I'm interested in your Aquatica handles. Sorry to hear about your housing loss....ouch. Gary
  4. I have an orange Ikelite Remote TTL Slave Sensor if you are still looking for one.
  5. Hi, I'm interested in your Ikelite 50 Substrobes. Are they still available ?
  6. Hi, I have an Ikelite port like the one you are looking for. I'm willing to let it go cheap, make me an offer.
  7. Greg, I haven't heard back. Are you interested in the lens? Gary
  8. Hi Greg, I have a Nikonos 28mm lens in excellent condition. The optics are clear, no scratches on glass and the knobs turn freely. I am willing to sell it for $150.00. Includes rear lens cover and copy of information sheet. Please see attached photos. Thanks, Gary The second photo didn't go through so here it is.
  9. Hi Chris, I am interested in buying both strobes. Please contact me. Thanks, Gary Cissne
  10. Hi Bonnie, I would love to have the magazines. I live in So. Cal. also. Can you ship the magazines Media Mail? Thanks, Gary
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