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  1. Cool article Tony. Love the pics too
  2. I like your Mag lots and didn't want to see it go the way of the dinosaur. We haven't had any problem with servage, so I suggested it. I don't think you will be dissappointed Peter.
  3. Hi all I found a couple of actions which you might find useful. 1: Underwater: from what I can tell it replaces the red channel and gets rid of the blue colour cast. 2: backscatter: is supposed to get rid of backscatter when you haven't used a flash. 3: resize: This one I'm not sure about it was with the others but judging by the name it resizes the image, I haven't run this one. actions.zip
  4. Hi Peter Check out servage.net. My partner and I have used this host for a couple of years now and we would recommend them to anyone. We have multiple sites running with them and haven't had any problems while using them. You get 310gb space and 3000gb per month bandwidth plus other stuff and it is cheap. Use this link when you sign up and you will get extras, so do we. http://www.servage.net/?coupon=cust11420
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