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  1. Ike, Is a housing already in the works for this (Nikon Coolpix 8400), and if so do you have an estimated time of release? Do you plan to offer the housing with the attached dome, or as separate components? How is the iTTL for Nikon coming along for Ikelite? Lastly, whenever possible I'm gaining good uw shots by shooting slightly upward on the subject from slightly below. Many times the housing is so close to the reef bottom (if not touching), or in a position so that it is not possible for me the diver, to get down there to look through the view finder, nor the lcd. Many of the camera lcds now tilt outward and twist, yet the housings' backs do not allow for much room for this to be placed in a position to view the lcd screen from a position above the camera back. Attaching a mirror to the outside of the housing for reflection of the lcd results in the reverse image being upside-down. Do you have any further suggestions to help solve this, and are you planning this as something to adjust for in future housings? Knowing that added space would mean longer push button posts, and a slightly larger volume housing, of which I personally would prefer to have less of. Any thoughts, suggestions? Anyone else? Thank you.
  2. Hi All, Questions for you; Is it possible to get good looking underwater shots without the use of strobes? Perhaps with filters alone or another means? I understand how the color spectrum disappears with depth, and how the strobes help illuminate shadows and make colors pop, and more. I'd like to exam and learn alternatives to strobe use? Is this possible, or do your pictures simply come out very dark, shadowed, dull, and gray? (U/W Photography at night is NOT being considered here) What are the depth limits to non-strobe use on your results, filter hinderences, color corrections? Do you find this kind of work only limited to wide angle available shots or are there some medium or macro formats that can still work out well? Should this be undertaken only with video, or can still photography (film or digital) accomplish this? Limited to only black and white? Lots of questions, please help me learn. Please provide any search options, articles, experience with no strobe use, pro-cons, etc? Thank you in advance for helping the learning curve!
  3. Why not consider a summer trip? I would try and find out who the naturalist and divemasters are on board the Sky Dancer, and how long they've been on staff? Experience has a lot to do with finding you the subjects you want to see. During our trip to the Galapagos, there seemed to be quite a bit of talk of the staff turnover PH had during that time (around the Belize incident). When talking with the passengers who were aboard the Dancer during the same period we were aboard the Aggressor, they unfortuantely didn't share the animal encounters we had during the same days the boats spent while in the northern islands. We questioned how the Dancer guides apporached the sites which seemed much different than the Nemo, Aggressor who were there at the time. It think it all came down to the experience of the crew, and I feel lucky to have enjoyed the experience that we did. I believe all the boats are well run and the accommodations are good for anyone's value. That being said, I believe the guides to be a focal point to the success of diving and capturing the essence of the area. Hope you have a great trip, we can't wait to return.
  4. Thanks Ike for the feedback. And perchance any 'predictions' on a time line for distribution? Hungry minds (and loose pocketbooks) want to know. Thank you!
  5. Hey Ike, What's the hold up on TTL for the D70 housing? Not a rip here by any means, just curious, help a lazy guy understand what the challenge is and how it's not there yet? In the mean time, thanks for the great service you've always provided!
  6. I travel a lot, probably 20 times since 9/11 and its further applied security proceedures, and have always used locks on my checked luggage. I use the combination locks as they are easy to remember, we don't have to fumble with keys or find them missing when needed. BUT, I do not lock them down on the checked luggage. I place them through so that all they need is to be squeezed down. Then I ask KINDLY to the ticket agent to ask TSA to lock them after inspection, and SPIN the dials - they ALWAYS inspect our bags. I then sit there at the ticket counter (to the side so others can continue their check-in of course) as TSA goes through its inspection and I watch them go through, and sometimes ask the officer who's nearest me to remind them to lock it, PLEASE, as they are finishing. I'd say 75% of the time, they do SPIN the dials, but not always. This proceedure is not perfect by any means, but I've never had a problem. Later I've found the "inspected" letter mentioned earlier inside, but my locks have always been in tact. I do bring along extra zip ties just in case.
  7. Sounds like we definitely have a winner in the 60mm! I'm looking forward to feedback on pygmyseahorse's request for the 18-70 kit lens critiques and feedbacks as well. You all simply rock, thank you for helping to make us better u/w photographers and our choices better informed.
  8. James, Yes, your articles are VERY informative, and keep them coming, we all appreciate the work you've done. It's was only since some of the newer lens (the kit lens for example) have debuted, that I was interested in your thoughts. The 12-24DX sounds great, except the price tag, as I prefer the non-fisheye view just slightly more. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks James. And for the future, do you recommend a particular wide angle lens for this camera set up?
  10. Hi All, Looking for feedback toward any changes on this set up? Nikon D70 Ikelite Housing Ikelite DS125 Strobe (single strobe for now) Sigma 50mm lens Ports for above I was debating the Sigma 50mm versus the Nikon 60mm for the price difference. Any thoughts? I'm not sure whether to get a Sigma 15mm for it, or stay with the packaged lens for now? Should I also consider the 12-24? I actually prefer wideangle u/w photography to macro, but thought the macro would be a better choice to focus on learning with the rig above, and then move into W/A afterward, with an additional strobe. If there be better choices or alternatives with cost benefits as well, I'd love to hear it. Anyone want to chime in on the above?
  11. Well, we won't be able to make it this year with too many other trips having taken priority, but have it in the works for next year. Now, can our gov't (US) stop messing things up over there for those of us who simply want to travel, meet other wonderful cultures, and dive, dive, dive! (keeping our fingers crossed) Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Slippery-when-wet, please post or PM me on your trip experience, travel commutes to the Red Sea this year. I'd much appreciate your feedback and how it went!
  12. Thank you everyone, the information and suggestions are most helpful. Anyone else who's recently been there and would share who they recommend, keep them coming. We're excited for this trip to finally happen, thank you all.
  13. Hello Everyone, With the dauntingly large list of possible liveaboard candidates for the Red Sea and from out of the Hurghada area, I would totally appreciate anyone's liveaboard operator recommendations - or who to shy away from - and why or why not for a week, to 10 day+ trip to the Brothers, Deep South, or Sudan? At one time we had arranged two weeks with the Excel while it was an Aggressor franchise, but after 9/11, they had cancelled our trip. We've really wanted to return, having never been to the area and we would welcome any help or information you might provide. Thank you very much in advance!
  14. My wife and I spent 10 days there during a celebrity splash and thoroughly enjoyed our time with the dive operators and around the resort. While we were there, the dive operator was on the Beaches complex (part of the resort) offered single morning and afternoon dives off the wall in front of Grace Bay and along reef wall of Provo. They also offered two tank day trips to West Caicos. Though we enjoyed both, the W. Caicos was by far our favorite and I feel better of the two. We felt the crew to be excellent and accomodating. (Upon arrival keep in mind, it is their policy to do a 15-20 min pool check out before give you the freedom to dive from the boats.) The W. Caicos trips are 'all day' leaving at 9am, a 1hr boat ride each direction, and two dives plus surface interval. Our dives lasted as long as bottom time and air allowed. We are computer divers. Another operator whom we enjoyed was dive provo, professional and friendly. This might give you more opportunities to get more diving in? At least a full suit or 3mm is highly recommended. Some areas require a little swim and if you cool easily, this could shorten the dive. Many sites have variable depths, and deeper dives are quite common 60-130 fsw. Another reason fro exposure protection is that you are going during jelly season, small thimble like jellies (excuse the ignorant 'technical' names) which can be quite numerous. (So areas we've encounter them in ever square foot from 50 ft to the surface. Hopefully this would not be the case for you and know that this is not typical) I'm not sure of Nitrox capabilities, and their photo services are very limited. We would return again without question, hopefully you feel the same afterward? Hope this helped at all, and have a great trip.
  15. Hi Everyone, My wife and I are traveling with extended family to Thailand this December 2004 for two weeks. While there, we're looking to book a 4-5 day liveaboard (unfortunately the rest of the family does not dive), and we're flexible on areas to depart from. Its doubtful we can free up more time from the rest of the group for much longer than that, otherwise we would do a weeklong liveaboard or more. We would appreciate any suggestions of liveaboard operators you could recommend and/or websites to research for contacts to make the arrangements. thank you!
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