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  1. That's the sort of news I wanted to hear At such a close working distance, 40% extra would be amazing.
  2. I have just asked Saga, who came back to me very quickly. "Under the water you will have more distance, 33%, anyway that lens is to make very small motives and you have to get very close." Other items I have read have also said that "In water the minimum focus distance increases and so does magnification so performance is all in all the same" I need to do some reading up on optical theory.
  3. Hmm, not what I wanted to hear really. If that's the case, then the camera will be trying to focus inside the lens.
  4. Evening all (well, it is here) Forgive me for what could be an obvious question, but my knowledge of optics is a little lacking. I have just acquired a Saga +25 macro lens (as well as a +10) for use with a Sony RX100 (MK 1). I have some very small targets in mind I have tried this out on the coffee table, and to achieve focus, the port is resting on the table. Naturally, I can see this being an issue UW - I am not particularly enthused by the prospect of squashing a nudibranch or pygmy seahorse or damaging their habitat. My question is: How much if any, additional working distance will I gain by being underwater? I don't have access to a pool to test, although I guess I could always have a go in the bath! Thanks in advance Sean
  5. Smile recognition on a friends camera worked on a flash of female breasts, during a rather drunken last night of a dive trip in Gozo
  6. And an instant break of the rules - although this was submitted as a single file This portfolio won me best beginner at BSOUP this year
  7. They are not native to the area and as such have no natural predators. Just google 'Cozumel Lionfish hunt'
  8. That is just stunning! Loftus, would you mind if I cross-posted the image to another dive forum (obviously I would include a link to this thread).
  9. No, it doesn't. And I didn't need it anyway. My camera had the dioptre adjusted on land when I first bought it, and I haven't touched it since, and it has been in the Ikelite housing with and without the Inon viewfinder. I personally do not see the benefit in a dioptre adjustment on a viewfinder, unless it is a rental housing.
  10. Not a great answer to your question, but I too have the Ikelite housing and struggled with the standard viewfinder. I have fitted an Inon 45 degree viewfinder, using an adaptor from UWCameraStuff It's a revelation, the image is big and bright, has full coverage, and actually allows me to compose, rather than having to guess. Not the cheapest solution, but a lot cheaper than upgrading housings!
  11. A friend bought the ISS4000 strobe and ebayed it after 2 dives, the beam angle is far too narrow for anything except macro Sean
  12. I went at Christmas and had my visa within 3 minutes of walking into the hall There were quite a few empty booths, with the majority of people all using one booth as they were on a package
  13. Well, this could really hurt tourism in Egypt http://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent/1/...in-advance.aspx
  14. Also, consider the use of a snoot. I found that in shallow water, especially over a sand bottom, the ambient light can be too high to get those black backgrounds, but by using a snoot I could light just the subject and get a black BG even in 5-6m of very clear water. There is a trick somewhere on here about taping one of the pins on a D90 flash to allow 1/250. When I had Ike strobes I could only get 1/200, but now I have S&S I can go to 1/250
  15. Light coloured o-rings make it much easier to see grit and dirt on them, rather than black on black on black;)
  16. You should have seen the look I got when I asked the pharmacist for a bumper pack of condom catheters and their biggest pot of KY jelly It was for drysuit diving - honest!!
  17. Rather than cotton buds, I use make up applicators (I sent the girlfriend to buy them). They are foam buds, so no loose fibres to get under o-rings etc. A pack of 10 was something like £2 and they last forever.
  18. No.1 for me, all the way. Although I would up the blacks on the backgroundd to darken it a little.
  19. Get her a camera My other half was much the same - when I dived with her I never felt I could truly relax. I got her a little compact, after one trip we upgraded her to a G12 with strobe I would make sure she got a few dives under her belt first, and is comfortable in the water. You could even consider the total sacriliedge of doing a few dives with her, without a camera, and coach her on the finer points of bouyancy control - with the view to mqaking her your model
  20. Why oh why did I not think of searching for CFWA articles? Thank you
  21. I am really struggling with lighting when using my mini dome Especially when shooting stuff right on the dome. I seem to be getting hotspots, and find it exceptionally difficult to evenly light a subject. Does anybody have any pointers? I have tried dialling down the power and having them right next to the shade, out a bit, out further etc. The vis out here (Bahrain) can be very soupy at times, lots of particles in the water. It's an Ikelite housing, UWCamerastuff mini-dome (5") with 2x S&S YS110. I have 2 segment arms, so can use just one or two segments. I currently have the diffusers on all the time. Thanks for any pointers Sean
  22. My wallet reminds me of my idiocy from time to time!
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