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  1. That's how I use it also, always M mode and never have tried the macro mode. Thank you for the additional information. I'm not sure I need to add another annoying/frustrating thing to the process.
  2. Yes, snoots are my next purchase. I haven't used them but decided on this last trip that they would be worth adding to my gear. When you say 'in macro' do you mean the macro setting on the camera? I use the CMC-1 Macro Converter on my 16-50 mm lens. I got out of the habit of setting the macro mode on the camera. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated. Now, I just need to start researching snoots.
  3. @Barmaglot - Thank you for the reply. I suspected that was the case. I'm trying to achieve the dark background for macro subjects. I do more macro photography than anything else and typically shoot with smallest aperture available, 1/160 shutter speed, lowest ISO possible and med-full power strobes.
  4. For Sale: Nauticam Zoom Gear for Sony 10-18mm NAU-36173 Nauticam 7 Dome for Nex 10-18mm and Olympus M.Zuiko 12-40mm PRO NAU-36129 Sony E-Mount Lens 10-18mm f4 OSS SON-SEL1018Z I use these with my Sony A6500 camera and Nauticam NA-A6500 housing. I've used these on 2 dive trips and bought them new a little over a year ago. Will sell the dome port/gear separately for $600 plus shipping or all three pieces for $1300 plus shipping. Private message me if you are interested.
  5. I pack my Nauticam housing for Sony A6500, 2 strobes, 10-18mm lens & dome port, 16-50 mm lens & port, 2 sets of focus gear, arms, cables, extra batteries, focus light, flash light, manuals and 8 buoyancy floats into my Ape Case w/ rollers ($139 at Amazon). It's a little heavy, but with the rollers, it's fine. And it fits into most overhead bins. I am too nervous about checking my camera gear. I've had a few issues with bags not making it to my destination and an entire dive bag stolen from an airport. Thank you, davehicks for the suggestion not to pack the camera in the housing. I have always done that to save space. I didn't realize it could cause alignment issues.
  6. I'm looking for a work around for the limitation of 1/160 shutter speed when using the built in flash, optic cables and two attached strobes with my Sony A6500/Nauticam housing. I've contacted the dealer who sold me my gear and they have said there is no solution for this, that it is a limitation of the Sony camera. Even if I were to use a flash trigger, I've been told that 1/160 is the maximum speed that the camera's shutter can synchronize with any flash. How are others dealing with this limitation? Does the A6400 have the same limitation?
  7. I have been shooting with my A6500 with the Nauticam housing for 2 years as well. It's a great camera and I really like the housing. I did a lot of research when I purchased and felt the A6500 was the way to go. The A6400 was not on my radar, so I can't comment on it. What kind of photography do you do? Feel free to message me directly if I can help with other questions. Also watch in classifieds as I may be selling my wide angle lens and dome port for the Nauticam housing.
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