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  1. Hi All, Have updated my album - can be seen here http://www.homepage.mac.com/ronboyes/PhotoAlbum3.html
  2. Hi Drew, This angle is the one then - just need the mouth open, never seem to be in the correct position when it happens or you are checking your air - been in scuba jail before by staying with a shark too long and missing one of the deco stops. 2 computers now one is attached to my camera. I have a rod, I use it for keeping of the bottom in the muck - it doesn't go near anyones butt
  3. Hi All, When you take this shot what angle have you found to be most effective? ps. Alex, no prodding, poking or handling, I promise - just patience thanks Ron
  4. Hi Alex, Guilty as charged. I turned around and the dive guide showed me the falling octo, I suspect you are correct that the critter was "helped" although I didn't actually see it. As for Michael's image I had not seen that before, therefore was not trying to copy it. Lembeh was quiet and I think this puts a lot of pressure on the guides to show something, I agree with you that the guides are becoming more aggressive towards the marine life than was the case several years ago. I shall be returning in August and will pay close attention to way the guides are treating the marine life and will do my bit to persuade them against this practice. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Regards Ron
  5. Thanks for the kind comment - using the 70-180 I didn't get a choice, Here is a second shot a little further away - forgive the down and dirty adjustments
  6. The 4000 is an A2 printer and is 2 yo - condition is excellent and have a selection of spare ink carts included. Asking price is Aust $800.00 Please note that this large format printer and is very bulky and heavy and would not be suitable to ship. I live in Adelaide, South Australia. Please contact me via email ron@rgbintegration.com if you are interested. Regards Ron Boyes www.imagesdownunder.com.au
  7. Hi All, Taken 2 weeks ago in Lembeh - I kind of like the composition compared to the usual sand shots. What are your comments. Image taken with D2X, 70-180mm, 2 x Inon Z220 1/100@F11 Thanks Ron
  8. I shall be in Kasawari Feb 23-27 that's pretty close. Maybe we can catch up for a beer. regards ron
  9. Hi Jeff, I understand that this resort is in the "middle" of a local village - any problems?? noise etc Any additional info would be appreciated as I have stayed at KBR many times in the past. Thanks Ron
  10. Hi All, Will be going to Lembeh end of Feb and would like a comparison between KBR, Lembeh Resort and Kasawari - I have stayed several times at KBR so I am aware of the facilities they offer - How do the other 2 compare to them. I would prefer to book a private guide and boat. Thanks Ron
  11. Hi All, This is what happens when you have a macro lens on, fortunately I was able to return to the boat and change lens. Image taken off Malaysia last week. regards ron
  12. Hi All, After reading the recent posts about this unit, I have a couple of Questions: 1. Charging - can this be done using a laptop USB port? 2. Can you connect an external Hard Drive to this unit to transfer the files without using a laptop? Thanks ron
  13. Lembeh Strait Dive Site - Critter Hunt and TK2 I was lucky as we had 4 differnt colors during the week I was there August. regards ron
  14. Thank you for your kind comments -I shall be entering the Moray shot in the Beneath the sea comp - we will see how it goes. Regards ron
  15. Hi All, Just returned from Gunung Api - what an incredible dive site. I plan to return next year and I hope your comments will assist in getting a better image with respect to lighting, composition etc. Camera - D2X - Lens 70-180 Zoom at 130mm 1/60 @ F16 Strobes 2 x Inon 220's Additional images here - http://www.imagesdownunder.com.au/latest.html thanks ron
  16. I use a 70-180mm Macro Zoom and a MacroMate for the really small stuff. The zoom allows you to be a little further away and still fill the frame for the skittish critters. I hope your trip is as successful as mine was last month, if you have the dollars get a personal dive guide, well worth the extra cost. regards ron
  17. Not only the camera pdf but all your gear such as strobes, dive computers etc. I back up to a 100G portable drive and then burn DVD's of all RAW files and sort them out when I get home. A 1G thumbdrive comes in handy to transfer files to and from other divers. A second battery for the laptop for those long flights.
  18. Hi All, Here are my latest (last week) - let me know your thoughts good and bad http://www.imagesdownunder.com.au/latest.html thanks ron
  19. When setting up your rig make sure you are not disturbed, if you are go back and start again. Shoot some test images in auto/ttl and manual mode for both the camera and strobes to make sure all selections are available using the housings controls. Yep - all the spares everyone else mentioned. Don't expect award winning images straight away - its a learning process and you will be amazed how quickly your images improve with the right attitude. Post some images when you get back so the experienced people on this board can help you to speed up the learning curve. good luck and I look forward to seeing your images.
  20. I now use only the 10.5, 17-55 and 70-180 If it is an unkown dive site with a bright sunny day I use the 10.5 if it's a bit overcast I will use the 17-55. I have a 105mm,60mm and 12-24DX gathering dust.
  21. Hi Marcel, Subal Houings for the D2X and SB 800 and a subal sync cable (all pins are connected) ron
  22. Hi Guys, Just checking out my rig before leaving for Lembeh on the weekend and noticed that ittl from the D2X to SB 800 is hit and miss - sometimes I can get ittl in th flash LCD and sometimes ttl only - usually if i giggle the cable or turn the camera off and on it will lock on. I have cleaned the sync cable and bulkhead connectors with a contact cleaner (no residue) any ideas? ps the local subal agent doesn't have a new cable in stock thanks ron
  23. OK Guys - let me have it (your comments that is) http://www.imagesdownunder.com.au 1. Does it work? transitions etc 2. Too many Images? 3. Layout 4. ease of navigation 5. too slow to load? etc The site will be updated with new images in a couple of weeks and needs a tidy up. It it not so much a question of content rather than a question of style - do you like it? My intention was to show images not links or travel diaries etc. thanks for your input. regards ron
  24. Hi All, This is a problem with the Subal Housing I had hoped that they would use some sort of port lock like the Sea & Sea Housing when i changed from a D100 to D2x housing- not so. I make it part of my prep before entering the water to check the port position especially after the rig has been handled by a boatman etc. I know at least 1 pro who has had a D2x flodded because of this and they are considering changing to a Nexus housing. While I have not had a problem as the port seems to be firm to turn, I am sure it could happen, I never jump into the water with a camera, from a boat get the boatman to hand it to you, from a pier entry use a rope to lower the camera before entering the water. If I am using the Dome port with a 70mm extension for the 17-55dx lens I am very careful. Normally a port lock requires the housing back to be removed to unlock the port - a small price to pay for the added security against flooding. maybe someone could suggest a DIY fix? until Subal get their act together ( sorry I am annoyed with Subal at the moment - I have been waiting 6 months for a GS 180 viewfinder for my D2X Housing) Not happy Jan (Australian joke) best regards ron.
  25. Hi All, What mode are you using - is there a big difference in underwater images? thanks ron
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