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  1. Here is mine. I am returning to KBR/Ocean Rover in 2 weeks time - maybe I should wait before seding my fav image
  2. Hi All, Speaking as a non professional photographer, I am happy to give away my images as opposed to the images sitting on my hard drive that few people see. I don't expect other people to pay for my pleasure. Us amateur phtographers have always given away our images, it's just that with digital the line between amateur and professional has become very thin. You can blame wetpixel for some of this, the members welcome the new and unskilled photographers and nurture them with not only technical information but composition as well. The line is only going to get thinner........ Thanks to all for making me a better phtographer regards ron
  3. If you have an image with heavy backscatter you could make a mask and blur the background - normally the spot healing and clone are your best bet.
  4. Always waiting for something to come out
  5. Hi Guys, Just sold my third kidney and purchased a 30" & 23" cinema screens (for use with my quad G5) along with the MacBook Pro with 2 Gig RAM. Prior to this I had a 17" PowerBook and I used the PCMCIA slot for my compact flash reader. Is there a Compact Flash Reader that can be used in the ExpressCard slot yet? Thanks ron
  6. carry one and only use it when necessary, I was in PNG where you must carry one the same as a safety sausage. If used correctly I think they are a benefit.
  7. James. Larry is a great guy - I have dived Larry's Crack (without Larry) it was almost as good as Crack-A-Fat Get him to tell you the story of "The Goby" who was onboard the Chertan with us, or his trip to South Australia to shoot the Leafy SeaDragons. regards ron
  8. Congratulations to Larry Jackson (Texas) and myself for having images printed in this magazine.(March/April 2006) A freelance journalist (Laura)was aboard Ocean Rover during our January Andaman Sea trip doing a story on post Tsunami effect on the reefs etc. Laura asked if she could use some of our images for the story, I gave her 20 images to consider. Laura selected 6 images - not one of these images would I consider as suitable to publish and would not even make my 3 star folder - shows how much I know. It was indeed a thrill to have some images published however I will just go back to shooting for my own pleasure.
  9. I use a 70-180mm Zoom with a macro mate - never needed anything else. Then again my passion is macro so I don't look for the WA shots. Have a great trip - I look forward to being back at KBR in June
  10. I used the +2 because the Subal Dealer recommended it - will try without the dioptre next trip. Sorry don't know the radius. regards ron
  11. now at 55mm I like this lens regards ron
  12. Hi Luiz, I used this lens for the first time last month - Subal - 70mm Ext +2 dioptre and Fisheye Port. Attached are a couple of images - no RAW or PS processing. 17mm and 17mm at 100% crop regards ron
  13. Hi Guys, Have just updated my G5 Dual to a Quad - still using the old 20" cinema screen. I am looking at getting the 23" or 30" display and using the old 20" for the second screen of a dual display setup. Would appreciate your comments for and against. thanks ron
  14. Unfortunately I was disqualified as something went wrong with the Streamload web uploading of my images, it was probably something I did and I missed the cutoff date. Oh well maybe next year - I hope to improve my images by then and have a better chance. http://www.imagesdownunder.com.au/wetpixel/ Good luck to all entrants, and I look forward to seeing the winners and hopefully those that didn't win. Ron
  15. This is not good news - I will be on Ocean Rover Jan 16-26 and will give an updated report on my return. I was on this boat last August and the fish life and soft coral was more than reasonable.
  16. No problems so far with my D9, I use it as a backup to my Cobra. The strobes I am using are Nikon SB800 and 2 x Inon Z220's.
  17. If you will be in the Milne Bay area - I have been on Paradise Sport, Golden Dawn and Chertan (many times). If you are after a 5 star boat go with Paradise Sport. While Chertan is not 5 star (shared bathroom) it is certainly the most photographer friendly of all the boats and Rob knows the area better than anyone, he is also now associated with Tawali Resort for land based diving at Milne Bay. In Kimbe Bay I have been on Star Dancer and stayed at Walindi. In Madang - Jais arbon Resort. In Port Moresby - Loloata Island ( if you have time to kill between flights this is an excellent location). If you end up going on Chertan ask Rob to take you to the Manta/Macro site_- mantas 20 feet from the stern and the most amazing macro critters 20 feet from the bow. Your post has reminded me to go back real soon regards ron
  18. Hi All, Would appreciate your advice on which TC to buy to suit D2x with AF S VR 70-200 Lens thanks ron
  19. Thanks for all your comments. My goal was to get the "eye" my previous image lacked this however the background was far better. Just need some luck to combine the two. ron
  20. Hi All, Attached is an image that I would like your comments and suggestions on improvement. Details: Camera: D2X Lens: 70-180mm Zoom at 210mm@(35mm) with MacroMate Focus: Manual Strobe: Housed SB800 Aperture: F29 Shutter: 1/125 ISO: 100 Adjustments done: Crop: No WB: set to 5000K Sharpening: Medium using PK Sharpening Plugin for PS Questions: Background, should I darken or blur? Composition: your suggestions? Thanks ron
  21. This happened a couple of years ago at a shootout comp - day 2 I flooded a D100 and 70-180mm Lens in the rinse tank prior to the dive. No backup camera so for the next 5 days I dived without a camera - I hate diving without a camera. The camera and lens were beyond salvation, my wife and friends were amazed at how calm I was (me too) - there was no one to blame but myself. The flood happened because the O ring was not seated properly, this happened because I was interupted during the setup by someone talking to me. Lesson learnt, do not talk to anyone when setting up your camera. That evening the chef presented me with a silver platter, in the middle was my camera surrounded by a salad - even I got a laugh out of this. Since this time I have always taken a backup system and have never needed it.
  22. Received my copy today - will let you know what a non professional thinks of it after I have had a play.
  23. I am fond of this image not because it is a great subject or even my best image ( in my opinon) - I just had a lot of fun getting it. Image details: Lembeh Strait - August 23rd 2005 D2X 70-180mm Zoom F22 @ 1/125
  24. If you have the dollars buy the Epson Stylus Pro 4000 - you won't be sorry.
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