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  1. Hi Luiz, Thanks for the reply. So it is an estimate by the photographer of the subject size? and has nothing to do with the image at all? is this correct thanks ron
  2. Get mine in a couple of weeks, should be the same time as Aperature is available. How have you configured it RAM, video card etc? What are your thoughts about its performance with Photoshop?
  3. Hi All, I would appreciate if someone could explain the Macro size for competitions, for example the Wetpixel comp states Macro as 7x5 inches or smaller and the Beneath the Sea as 1:6 or smaller. Ok - how do I tell if the image I choose will qualify? thanks and regards ron
  4. Another point to consider when using the macro mate is the weight - that's a large chunk of glass to hang on the end of your port and will affect the balance of your rig. I am using the macro mate with a D2X Subal Housing and a 70-180 Lens - very front heavy - maybe a lens lift bag would work regards ron
  5. Hi Alex, You are probably right- especially with the amount of junk in the water following several days of major tropical rain. thanks ron
  6. Hi Guys, Sorry the images aren't that great - didn't realize this was happening until I downloaded - no way to see it through the viewfinder - maybe I do need the GS180. thanks and regards ron
  7. No he did not get breakfast - this time
  8. Hi All, Anyone who has seen this action knows how fast it happens. ron
  9. It swallowed it in two gulps about 2 seconds. I have 2 more images of the "catch" - will post them when I get a chance.
  10. Hi All, Killing time at Changi - 7 hours in transit. Thought I would upload some quick and dirty images from the last week. http://www.rgbintegration.com/pro/nph-emAl...BR%20Nov%202005 Attached is an image to tempt you regards ron
  11. Thanks for all the comments and they are really helpful. attached is a second image of the bluering - no image adjustments other than slight cropping. Do you feel this is a better image? thanks ron
  12. Thanks for the reply , I appreciate your comments. The images have only been slightly sharpened as I understand, too much adjustment can disqualify you? How much is too much???? thanks ron
  13. Hi All, Below are a selection of my images that I wish to enter into a competition - I would appreciate your feedback concerning the suitability of these images into a major event. Please be honest and give me the good and bad feedback - if you feel that these aren't good enough please say so. The images are labeled from a to j please rate them from best to worst. http://www.imagesdownunder.com/comptest Thanks for your feedback. regards ron
  14. Congratulation to Alex for his placing with his image of the free swimming seahorse, most of us know how hard it is to get a good image while these guys are attached to a fan let alone "jumping" from one part of a fan to the next. I have a new respect of how difficult it is to frame these guys, not to mention keeping them in focus while on the move. here is my attempt - regards ron
  15. Here is my titan triggerfish image - I usually give them a wide berth. I was using a macro lens and a clown trigger and this titan wouldn't leave me alone. Fortunately this encounter was not aggressive as this was a very large one. regards ron
  16. I have used Microdrives for many years without a problem - that said, they can fail so I have a 4gig compact flash as a backup (never used it yet) I currently have 4 and 6 Gig Hitachi - for the few extra dollars use the 6 gig. The 6gig allows me to do 4 or 5 dives per day and I only download in the evening, usually about 250 or 300 RAW images, I don't bother deleting shots underwater - I change the battery in the camera every second day and strobes every day. I am using a D2X. regards ron
  17. It would be helpful if you could include information such as camera/lens and lighting used. I am being harsh now - its a blob with an eye - don't be discouraged, I shot my fair share of "blobs" - with this type of subject you can take your time and think about composition and angles, lighting etc. My personal preference is to use say a 45 deg angle to show more of the face rather than the side, it allows some depth and character of the subject. You can see some images of mine here: http://homepage.mac.com/imagesdownunder The images above were from a muck dive - if you have a nice background such as a reef use it as the attached example shows.
  18. Hi James, Have not done any adjustments in PS - it was more a composition thing - getting good shots of these subjects is difficult - you need to see the arms or it is just a blob. Will try again when I return to KBR in November. thanks ron
  19. I don't need to use it - just wanted to see a better image than mine see attached. thanks ron
  20. Anyone have a good image? - I look at my shots and it could be anything, just a brown blob. thanks ron
  21. No problem will include the EXIF when I update the page over the weekend.
  22. Hi Larry, I am using a Nikon D2X in a Subal Housing and a 70-180mm Zoom Lens with a Nikon SB800 Flash in a Subal Housing. How do you make a fish yawn? - patience and luck are the only way I have found, it took almost 40 mins to get the shot. I gave up waiting on the red hairy frogfish - as our dives were limited to 60mins - maybe next time. ron
  23. He does, we were on the same dive. I like diving with him, he is very considerate of us amatuers. I would recommend is digital workshop to anyone wishing to improve there images. regards ron
  24. Leave the 10.5 at home unless you are going elsewhere and make sure you have a dioptre for the 105 you will need it. have a great trip. regards ron ps All my images were taken with a D2X and 70-180mm Zoom and using a wetlens when required.
  25. Thanks all for the kind comments - here is another image for all who liked the bluering regards ron
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