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  1. Hi All, I hope you enjoy these images - several hundred more to look at and process - keeps me home at nights:) http://homepage.mac.com/imagesdownunder regards ron
  2. Hi All, The battery for the Cobra is a 3 volt lithium (coin type), the manual states the battery number as K5597. I am looking for a common equivalent - can anyone assist. thanks ron
  3. Thanks for all your comments. regards ron
  4. Hi Guys, Can you check out http://homepage.mac.com/imagesdownunder and let me know if the images are too dark when viewed on a PC, they look OK on my MAC. thanks ron
  5. For Sale: D100 Body Only 2 x Batteries 2 Gig Flash Card Small Dome Port Subal Housing Condition: 8 out of 10 Price US$3,500.00 ono Location: Adelaide - Australia
  6. Hi All, Subal ND2 Housing with FE-2 Dome using 17-55DX lens -what extension ring is required? Is the use of a Dioptre required? Thanks ron
  7. Mine slotted straight in as well - your battery must have moved in transit. Checked my housing for the "gunk" there is a very small amount around the knob (never noticed it before your post) give the housing a good work out in the pool before mounting the camera, just to be on the safe side. Have done 50 plus dives and no sign of any problems. ron
  8. I am using 2 x Inon Z220 with a Y lead from the housing socket setup as manual and a SB800 from the other socket setup as iTTL (not at the same time ) No problems and I have taken over 1000 images. regards ron
  9. Hi All, Have for sale: Subal D10 Housing for Nikon D100 complete with Dome Port. D100 Body not available. Condition: Excellent Asking Price US$2,500.00 ono Price ex-Adelaide, Australia Reason for Sale: upgraded to D2X Contact: ron@imagesdownunder.com
  10. Hi All, Had a Dealer print some of my D2X images to A2 using Luster and Glossy paper. Bottom line is they look fantastic and I have placed an order for the printer. regards ron
  11. I am considering buying this printer would appreciate all comments. thanks ron
  12. Also looking back, Day 3 on a liveaboard I started to be pleased with my images. Good work for your first dives with the new rig. Just a tip using the Subal - make sure that the AF area mode selector is correctly located when closing the housing - I got caught once. ron
  13. Hi David, The majority of the images I used 2 x Inon 220Z in manual, otherwise a housed Nikon SB800 in iTTL mode. regards ron
  14. Here is a 100% crop - looks like backscatter to me
  15. Hi All, Just back from Thailand trip aboard the Ocean Rover out of Phuket The images shown have not been Photoshopped (if that is a word) other than size and compression - I am pleased with my first use of this camera and look forward to improving my images as I start the learning curve for this "beast" Bottom line is I will now be selling my Subal Housing for the D100 and using the funds towards a second D2X body. Follow the link below http://www.imagesdownunder.com/oceanrover/index.htm regards ron
  16. I have now received my Subal Housing for the D2X (without the GS180) Subal could not supply the viewfinder in time for my trip. Fortunately the Subal Dealer in Australia is able to retrofit the GS180 when available. I shall use the next 2 weeks to do some testing and plan on using all my lens and strobes and will post some samples when I return. Lens: 10.5, 12-24, 60, 105, 70-180 Strobes: SB800 in a Subal Housing 2 x Inon 220Z regards ron
  17. I would like to offer my 35mm kit to a worthwhile place such as a school or club etc The kit contains: Nikon F90X Body ONLY Sea & Sea Housing Flat Port Dome Port 2 x YS120 Strobes (sync cables not supplied) Some accessories such as arms etc Condition: Very Good Freight costs are your responsibility. (from Adelaide, Australia) I used this setup for a couple of years before changing to a Nikon 5000, then a D100 and now a D2X If anyone is interested let me know regards ron
  18. I usually go to PNG in November however I am think maybe something different, would appreciate your comments good and bad on Yap, dive operation and the hotel etc. thanks ron
  19. Hi Joe/Alex Thanks for the comments. The juvenile eel was at F11 @ 5.3 single strobe DTTL Lens 70-180 @ 135mm again no adjustments. Joe, Thanks for the image adjustment tips - will have a play and see how it looks. regards ron
  20. This image was taken with a D100 F9 @ 125 single SB80DX Flash. No Photoshop processing straight raw to jpeg conversion and image size reduction. Please comment on ways to improve these types of images such as juvenile batfish and ribbon eel etc I now have 2 x Inon Z220 strobes as well - would using 2 strobes help? thanks ron
  21. Hi Torben, Is the link from your homepage missing? can't enter your site regards ron
  22. Hi Guys, Well I have taken the plunge and will concerntrate on WA rather than macro for my next trip (Ocean Rover). The setup I am using is a D100 in a Subal Housing with 2 x Inon Z220, I have a 12-24 zoom and will purchase a 10.5 next week. I would appreciate any tips in getting upto speed with this speciality lens. thanks ron
  23. Hi Guys, I have decided to upgrade to the D2X from a D100. I shall stick to the Subal Housing because of the ports etc that I already own. Do I understand correctly that the SB80DX is not compatable with the D2X and therefore I shall need the SB800? Can the SB800 fit and operate in the Subal SN80 housing or can the housing be modified to suit? thanks ron
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