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  1. Hi James, Thanks for the reply. I already have a 105, 60 and 20mm from my old F90 system (sea & sea housing) unfortunately I can't use these ports with the Subal. I gather that you feel the 105 would give me better macro results. I have attached an image of before and after cropping - I used the 70-180 at 180 with a wetlens as well. I would appreciate your comments on how this shot would look if taken with the 105 with the teleconverter. Thanks and regards ron
  2. Hi All, I have been using the 70-180 with my D100, will I notice any real difference if I use my 105? compared to the zoom at 180mm? I haven't used the 105 for a couple of years now. Is it worth me buying the port for the 105 or should I stay with the 70-180 - I am using Subal housing and ports. thanks ron
  3. Hi Richard, That was the problem - thank you very much regards ron
  4. Hi Guys, I have a problem where when saving my file for the web in photoshop - viewing the quad split for different jpeg compressions that my image looks washed out in all compression previews. It has been necessary to darken the file prior to saving as a jpg. Any idea what is going on? thanks ron
  5. Hi Guys, Just purchased a Coolwalker portable storage device from Nikon. It would seem that you are unable to zoom NEF or TIFF files. Not being able view NEF files using the zoom function is a very big reason not to buy this unit. Does anyone know if this is being corrected by Nikon? Thanks ron
  6. Hi Guys, I am currently running a D100 (subal D10) with the SB80 strobe using DTTL with a 70-180 lens - very happy with this setup. I have just purchased a pair of Z220s for medium to WA work. Now for my question, Can I operate both the SB80 and one Z220 wired in the DTTL mode? I would like to use the focus light on the Z220 at the same time. After having a play I noticed that with the SB80 and Z220 connected the SB80 did not recognize DTTL. Both sockets on the D10 set to DTTL. Thanks for any advice. regards ron
  7. Hi All, Would appreciate if anyone can id this image for me. Image was taken in Milne Bay PNG, sorry about the quality I was using a 70-180 macro lens and the subject was too far away (more than 10 feet) The critter took off after this shot. thanks ron
  8. Hi Guys, Have just purchased a Gates PC330 Housing - Lighting is my next decision. Can you give me your recommendations and experience in this area. I am most interested in macro video Do I need a single or double? What type of burn time should I need? This is my first underwater video setup so all advice would be welcome. Thanks ron
  9. Hi Andrew, I had the same problem with the hot shoe contact - no problem since the guys at SeaOptics adjusted it. For macro it is great - if you want to try mine out before spending the cash let me know. regards ron
  10. Hi Guys, I am about to buy a powerbook G4 either 15 or 17" with the dvd burner. I have in the past used a pcmcia adapter with my IBM microdrive to download my RAW files to my laptop and then burn them to CDR. My question is, should I continue to use the pcmcia adapter with the G4 or should I use a direct cable connection from the camera to the G4 (will this be faster?) using the Nikon Capture software. Thanks for any advice. regards ron
  11. Has anyone used this lens yet? Do you have a price? regards ron
  12. Hi All, Sorry if this post is a little out of this forum, however I thought one of you "pro's" could answer this question. Is it possible to export as a text file or copy to a clipboard the shooting data information either from Capature 3 or Nikon View 6. Thanks as always ron
  13. Hi Guys, I have read some articles concerning using filters etc - they get way too technical for me. What setup do you recommend for me to try in the following application: Nikon D100, 12-24mm Lens Subal Housing and dome port. The subject will be Mantas in 7m depth - viz will be average to good (I hope) I have visited this site before and used twin YS 120 strobes on a F90 with some good results. Thanks ron
  14. Hi Guys, Thanks for the sympathy. It was a Subal housing and my fault - was distracted when closing the back. It was flooded in the rinse tank prior to a dive - tried to save it and the 70-180 lens. The body is bin material and was replaced under insurance. The lens is being repaired and the cost estimate is US$600. I bought a new 70-180 when I was in Singapore last week to use as a back up - they are becoming very hard to find - I paid a little under US$1,000 for it. Now that I am back in action I shall be in Milne Bay PNG (macro heaven) next month for a 10 day liveabord on MV Chertan and will try the 12-24mm on the Mantas. I want to use the wet lens for pigmy seahorses and mandrian fish, any tips you can offer for these size critters? I shall be using D100, 70-180mm and SB80DX. I was pretty happy with the images I got using a CP5000 when I was there a couple of months back. Thanks ron
  15. Hi Guys, During my last trip I flooded my D100 and 70-180 lens - I am now a wiser and poorer person. I have replaced both items now and added a 12-24mm lens (purchased last week in Singapore) these are hard to find. I am considering getting a wet lens to use with the macro lens - is anyone using them and what are your thoughts/recommendations etc. thanks ron
  16. Hi All, As I am about to invest in a Lexar 2GB card - the next problem is download speed to my laptop. At the moment I am using a multi-card reader that connects to my USB port in my Sony Vaio. Would I get a faster download using the firewire connection? If so do you recommend a certain brand/model of reader? thanks as always ron
  17. Can anyone advise which Subal port will be suitable for this lens in a D10 Hosing. thanks ron
  18. Hi All, I shall be in Anaheim early next month and would like your recommendations on where to purchase the 12-24mm lens and general UW photo equipment. General diving equipment. Thanks ron
  19. Digital is fun because: You can show the Pro using the F5 what they missed after the dive. Then they buy you beers to take them to the "spot" regards ron
  20. Hi All, Would appreciate your comments concerning setting up this unit. It is housed in a Subal SN80. I am using a 70-180 lens. 1. It was suggested to set the strobe at 24mm not use the zoom function. 2. Should the flip down diffuser be used at all times? Thanks and regards ron
  21. Just collected my D10 Housing and the Subal distributor (Sea Optics) in Australia has set mine up for DTTL on the left socket and manual for the right socket. The D10 sockets are wired to a pcb that has four sockets the two outside are for manual mode (3 wire) and the inside connector sockets (5 wire) are for DTTL connections. Just change the pcb connections depending on what type of strobes you are using - no messing around with soldering or blocking off pins etc. regards ron
  22. Hi All, Thanks for the responses, I am overwhelmed and confused at the same time as the discussion started to get a little too technical for this new guy. I shall spend the weekend playing with the setup of the camera and I am sure I will have more questions next week. thanks ron
  23. Thanks for the suggestions - will have a play and let you know the results. I have a F90 which I use in A mode and a Coolpix 5000 which I have used in P mode, I was generally happy with the results using the 5000 in P mode and thoughts the the D100 may "like" P mode as well. The strobe sockets have been wired for one using DTTL (5 wires) and the other 2 wires. This way I shold be able to use a single DTTL and if necessary slave my YS 90DX for macro work or use the other socket for my twin YS120s using a twin strobe cord. I think this setup should work OK regards ron
  24. Hi All, Well I have taken the plunge and will get my Subal D10 housing tomorrow - as I am goining on a dive trip in 2 weeks I would like to get this system up and running, unfortunately I am not able to do any test dives prior to leaving. I shall be using the following setup. D100 Subal D10 Housing 70-180 Lens SB80DX in a Subal SN80D housing. I am totally new to the D100 and would like your advice and recommendations on the following. Mode - P,A or S Metering ? Anything else that you feel will help me get up to speed quickly. thanks ron
  25. Images Downunder Please comment on the above site - these images were taken last month on a liveaboard "Chertan" this was my first real use of the CP5000 in a Subal housing. I will be changing to a D100 and Subal housing next month and hope to post some results from my trip to Vanuatu next month. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. regards ron
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