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  1. Hi All, Would appreciate your comments on the advantages and disadvantages of each strobe. As I am currently putting together my D100 kit, I would like to get it right the first time. I have these strobes for my F90 kit - 2 x YS120's and a YS90DX regards ron
  2. This is my first post so be gentle. I have a D100 camera and about to purchase the 70 - 180 and the 12-24 (when available). So far my decision will be to go with the Subal housing - this is because I have been using the Subal CP5 housing for a couple of months and the support from the Subal dealer has been fantastic. I do own a F90x in a S&S housing with 20,60 & 105 lens. My questions are: 1. Are the zoom lens for the D100 the best way to go? 2. I have a 512Meg Scan disk - I was thinking of purchasing the Luxor as I hear it is a lot faster writing the RAW files. 3. White balance - do you recommend to shoot auto and then adjust using Nikon Capture 3 software? 4. Is their a prefered setup for the D100 for underwater work? WB,Metering etc. I am sure I will have a load more questions when I get the housing. Thanks ron Images Downunder
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