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  1. Great work Dustin. This shows off both your skills and the capabilities of the camera. I am also impressed with Canon's color rendition, and it looks like the dynamic range is quite good. I saw no blown highlights. I am also impressed with the lack of color banding in the blues where the shots included a view toward the surface, and this is somewhat surprising given the 8 bit codec. Thanks for sharing this. Pat
  2. I guess it fits in existing housing: Pat
  3. Go to Ocean Footage, preview some similar footage and select a use category that's close to yours and you can see what they would charge. Pat
  4. The last clip was very nice, and most of us would probably agree that a love song expresses how we feel about these environments.
  5. The Black edition Hero 3 looks incredible. It shoots 4k at 12 fps, 2k at various frame rates, and has manual white balance and various fields of view. Looks like their own housing has a lens/port that focuses well underwater:
  6. Looks just like my 5D2 footage from my EWA bag. I like the EWA bags for what they are, but it is difficult to get proper exposure and steady shots with a DSLR and probably the C100 as well. Hard to really see what this camera could do underwater. Pat
  7. Interesting article: http://dailynightly.msnbc.msn.com/_news/20...oral-reefs?lite Pat
  8. HDV Diver, thanks for the feedback on autofocus. It's good to know that it works in many situations. Pat
  9. I would love to see some of your clips. I know it's time consuming to get them loaded - no hurry. Pat
  10. It cannot. It will do 720 60p. Most of the hacks have focused more on 24p and 30p quality improvements. The latest 720 60p settings are getting much better, but these are the ones most likely to lock up your camera, create on-camera playback issues, or fail to span (make files longer than around 4 gigs) depending on the max bit rate of the SDHC cards you use.. 1080 60i is fairly lousy in all the hacks I have tried - lots of artifacts. Pat
  11. Some advantages of the hacked GH2: lighter, smaller camera and housings than 5dII AF is available in video mode but is slower than with a camcorder pixel binning instead of line skipping leads to far less moire than with 5DII HDV Diver, are you using autofocus? If so, how well is it working for you underwater? Here are 2 more sample vids of a snapping turtle underwater and an Amazon fish shot through aquarium glass with AF on and kit lens with an outdated hack and ISO of 1200 to 1600 as I recall. The latest hacks have better detail, motion, and less macro-blocking in shadows: [vimeohd]40401724[/vimeohd] [vimeohd]40405537[/vimeohd] It's only a coincidence that I used the Aquarius hack in an aquarium Aquarius is a high bit rate Intra codec, but is inferior to the latest hack offerings. One more shot with kit lens shot into an aquarium. The GH2 doesn't have the dynamic range of its more expensive brethren, but apparently the latest hacks improve this as well. Everything I have shown here was shot in 24P. The kit lens in autofocus mode seems to latch on to backgrounds. [vimeohd]40408202[/vimeohd] Pat
  12. Like HDV Diver, I am a big fan of the hacked GH2. I have tried out one or two dozen versions of the hack since November. Several of the most active members of the hack community have been creating new versions every few days, so it's hard to keep up with them. There have been some issues that I will try to summarize briefly here. The GH2 firmware has a tendency to oversharpen. This resulted in pulsing images at times and cadence issues. Earlier versions of the hack also have had inconsistent frame to frame data rates that caused cadence issues. The latest versions of the hack have overcome these problems. Detail is exceptional and noise, even with high ISO settings, is very fine grained and film like. I have been testing hack versions with an eye towards eventually getting a Nauticam housing for the GH2. My favorite at this point is something called "Natural" and shooting with it in 1080 30P (HBR mode on the GH2). This is a GOP 3 hack so I believe there are still B and P frames and it is not Intra. However, the resolution is exceptional, motion handling is fantastic, and it's nearly as good as the higher bit rate Intra hacks but with an economical average bit rate of 40 mbps. You can find the Natural hack or setting here (Natural v2.11): http://www.personal-view.com/talks/discuss...ic-series-5/p13 With this hack you have a versatile m43 camera that can shoot stills, macros, and well-stabilized video. The kit lens (14 to 42 or 28 to 84 in 35 mm equivalent focal lengths) is quite good for video and has good OIS. I have the fisheye and the 45 macro from Panasonic, and have been shooting topside telephoto with Canon L lenses and a cheap adaptor. It's an incredible piece of kit for the price. One downside is that you may find some blue banding because the codec is still only 8 bit 4:2:0. I have been told that you can get good corner to corner sharpness with the Nauticam ports (domes and semi domes) if you stop down to F11 to F13. I frequently shoot landscapes stopped down to F18 with great detail and resolution in video mode. Looking forward to getting mine soon. If you are going to use a hack, read up on the threads from the link above (there a number of quirks, one of which is that you always have to move from the next highest ISO to the one you want to use to avoid the ISO bug that causes noise, e.g., when you turn on the camera, set ISO to 200 then move it to 160 - you always have to do this for the cleanest image.) Here's some telephoto clips I shot in January with an outdated hack that had some issues. Cadence problems you may notice are from using high shutter speeds and problems with the earlier settings. With the GH2 extended teleconversion mode you actually get full 1920 1080 video with a focal length multiplier of 5. Using a 300 lens and 1.4 converter gives you an effective focal length of 2100 mm: [vimeohd]36640984[/vimeohd] Cheers, Pat
  13. I think that by far the best in low light would be the EX1R. The XH-A1s does not excel at low light. Gates does not yet have a housing for the XF105. They will have a housing soon for the CX700v, but I don't think it comes close to the low light capabilities of the EX1R. Pat
  14. I would have to agree with Simon. Gates is probably the most customer friendly and responsive company I have ever dealt with. Pat
  15. Don, Thanks for this information! I have sent an e-mail to the contact you provided. Pat
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