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  1. What a pleasure and most rewarding experience to meet each and everyone of you. Sorry I could not make it to the meet & greet. I live >100 miles from dive site and thought I could hang around but with no clean up and then sitting around town waiting for hours I had to succumb to being exhausted from a day of great experiences. I've attached an image for your review - something most don't capture. Thanks for the Invite - Great to meet you Carol, Linda, Eric, Simon, Pat, Mike, Ellen, Zeb, Kevin, Katherine, Rick, Jackie, Matt and I'm sure there are others - I just forgot the names. Oh and Martin this was really I nice gathering that you pulled off. ~sweet Take Care Everyone - Hopefully we'll dive together again one day soon. ... and Kevin take care of yourself Johanna
  2. Please count me in for the meet & greet - Looking forward to this event. Johanna
  3. (1) Vote for yes from me for the Sunday evening meet and greet.
  4. I would like to attend both days. Is the cost on banditos going to be the standard charge. Thanks Johanna
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