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  1. At last Fuji produce an U/W housing... I have just sent an email asking about future plans esp. for thr 6900z
  2. I have tried Birchley - nice chap... However I got a quote for 400 UKP and that was without full functionality... Also Im not really sure how a cyclindrical housing would work out.
  3. Ok, I have been reading through the forums and the way to go it seems is for a solid case, rather than the current boil in the bag I have. This then gives the ability to add strobe arms ect.. Problem #1 - the only housing I can find for the 6900 is made by Zillion in Japan. Problem #2 - I talked with Zillion briefly and they will not ship the case out of Japan. this is due to the casing not being poly coarbonate and hence a possibilty of damage during shipping. Problem #3 - the wal is an attachment to the lens on the body, so the casing would have to allow for extra length and width... Else I will be forced to use the incorporated lens only. So what I would like to know, is there a company out there that makes a solid housing for my camera ?? Or am I doomed for buying the wrong camera for use u/w ?
  4. Tony, Do we get to see any of the finished results ?
  5. This is similar to the housing I have...but not the camera. I use a Fuji 6900 and a mounted flash... also 1 ankle weight to help with the buoyancy issue faced at 6-0m - I then hold it against my body else it acts like a lift bag.. A good lanyard or 2 even is essential !! -- I generally inflate the bag as much as possible, the air is then forced into the camera as you descend..Note those silica gel pouches are useful as your breath is some what warmer than the water. My one problem was that at just below 30m the camera really becomes unusable as the plastic casing is hugging the camera so much that only the most basic of shots (ie point and shoot) are then available... -- This bit is hard to explain without having the casing infront of you. another point to look out for - as the camera is joined to the front glass plate of the casing via a metal bar, the body is free to move around - this has the effect of moving the lens to the side of the glass plate.. This means your shots will have the black metal ring in the bottom left or right corner - so after diving in or your first shot, simply check the position of the lens by looking at the housing front on - you should be able to move it around before your descent. --
  6. Well I lurk far too much for my liking, but I havent been diving recently so no new pictures... My name is Mark and I am a System Analyst (Computers) working in the UK.. I am qualified as a BSAC Sports Diver, currently taking the advanced Nitrox course. My first u/w picture taking started in April with a Fuji 6900z.. After looking at the pics posted here I have a long way to go, I will get there, I think..
  7. Quote -> Am involved with local underwaer photo group in the north of England
  8. The EWA plastic bags are dependant on the amount of air you put into them prior to the dive... I must admit I had some reservations about using my Fuji 6900z inside a plastic bag, but I have had no problems what so ever. I found at 6m I had a lift bag, but at 35m I had a dead weight with the buttons more or less useless... I found that if I put the finger hole over the shutter button I could at least take some shots.. I read somewhere that inserting sponge strips around the camera would lessen the compression trouble but not solve it..
  9. I use the bag option for diving - so far 30m - compression proves a bit too much for control of the camera at this point though.. however I would agree - a hard case is probably your best option, esp if you think you might be dropping the camera a lot
  10. yes it is possible to turn the dial using the EWA-MARINE boil in the bag option... Having send that it all depends on how far down you are - due to compression of the bag around the camera and the one finger hole it might prove to be more trouble than its worth... I would recommend setting the camera before diving...
  11. because I am using a boil in the bag option and not a polycarbonate housing, it is difficult to use all the setting on the camera... This is due to the compression of the bag around the camera.. I admit at 9m its not too bad, but at 30m the bag is so compressed around the camera its only just possible to to press the shutter button... I have considered having a custom casing made, but I was informed by one maker that my choice of functions would be severely limited... Zillion the only true maker of the housing won't ship outside of Japan, as the housing is not guaranteed to make the voyage !!
  12. Cybergoldfish just sent you my details via the message system on this forum...
  13. Yes Im in the UK.. Milton Keynes - a far cry from the warm waters of anywhere ... The stingray was laying at about 9m under a fan coral... sunlight was pouring down from above... The camera was on auto for that dive... If you have a spare copy of the s/ware I would not say no.. what would you require in exchange ??
  14. from the same trip and too show I can get close to my subjects (victims) This is a link >> Blue Spotted Stingray I must admit that I made a few dives without using a flash - the results are ok after colour manipulation... After the non flash results - I made a mental note to always have the flash on and the camera in 'P' mode..
  15. hello all - I have read a lot of the posts here and I am amazed at the level of professionalism shown by picture takers and the critics... To this end here are two of my own pictures I recently took whilst diving in the red sea.. I use a fuji 6900Z with an EWA MARINE bag option... In honesty they are the first pictures I have taken using this set up. the first is a clownfish - colour manipulated using a very basic graphics package (MS Photo Editor) This is a link >> Clownfish and some fish on the deck of the Giannis D sorry, dont know their types.. This is a link >> Deck I look forward to some constructive criticism and maybe the names of the fish on the Giannis
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