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  1. Thanks so much everyone! Nice ideas. Think I'll use the tape and see how it goes. Was worried it would be hard to remove the clip if Gorilla glued and electronics needed replacing....hopefully not! All the best, Divingmama
  2. Does anyone have any idea what type of paste to secure wires in a housing with? The clip in my Nauticam housing seemed to be secured by a paste, and it has come loose. Any ideas out there? Help! Diving mama
  3. Cancelling this post- no longer needed.
  4. Thanks for all your help Davis. Looking forward to receiving the package! Kind regards, Rebecca
  5. Hi Davis, I may be interested. Not sure how to "DM' you. Has the housing flooded? Thanks, Divingmama
  6. Wow, thanks to all who have replied. The only thing I haven't done before is use the Silicone lubricant. It doesn't get into the housing I take it? Olympus suddenly has the housing available again, even though they said they wouldn't, and are offering a new one for $200 less, so I may go for it. They say mine is beyond repair. My first Olympus housing was still good after 6 years (a PT EP01) when I upgraded my camera/housing. The PT EP13- not so lucky. Hope to have better luck with your suggestions, since a Nauticam is 3 times the price. All the best to you. diving mama
  7. You might try asking Pacific Housing Repair. I sent a YS-D1 to them, and it took 5 months go get it back, only to have it leak and short out in the main compartment while in Tahiti a month later. Sent it back a year ago and they still have it. They took the batteries too. Soooo, they may be going out of business or something, and willing to send dead strobes to you. Aloha, Divingmama
  8. Thanks to both of you for your thoughts. Luckily the camera has so far survived the flooding. Amazing, but I worry about further flooding. I'll look into the Nauticam housing. Not happy with Olympus at this point. How do you both like the EM1 Mark II? Aloha, Divingmama
  9. I'm looking to buy an Olympus PT-EP13 Underwater Housing. Please message me if you have one for sale. Thank you, Divingmama
  10. Has anyone tried the Olympus OM-D E-M1X camera? How about underwater? Thanks, Divingmama
  11. I have an Olympus PT-EP13 Underwater Housing for the Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II camera, and the housing has flooded 3 times. The first time I thought it was the Zen wide angle port, and put the stock port back on. Soaked the housing in water and dried the springs, buttons, etc. well. All good for 6 months, then another major housing flood. Soaked and dried again, this time taking off the tiny screws that hold the port glass and cleaning sand off the 2 glass O rings. All good for a couple dives, then small amounts of water intrusion while diving around 80 feet. Took the housing down without the camera after soaking and drying again- no water intrusion. Took it down again without the camera, and there was water intrusion when pushing the buttons. At this point, I don't trust the housing any longer. Olympus already doesn't make the housing any longer and no store carries it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really don't want to buy another camera and housing set up, and am severely bummed. Thanks, Divingmama
  12. Hi, I'm new to Wetpixel, and have been diving 30 years and taking underwater photos for 10 years. It's been loads of fun, and I enjoy traveling to new places to dive. Unfortunately my Olympus underwater housing keeps flooding, and I'm more than bummed because at this stage in life I don't want to spend thousands on a new camera and housing. Just bought the Olympus OMD EM5 Mark II camera and PT-EP13 housing a year and a half ago, and hoped it would last years. The camera is awesome. If anyone is selling a used PT-EP13 housing, please let me know. Olympus isn't making them anymore. Thanks, Divingmama
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