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  1. Hi, thanks for all the interesting information, I am heading to a place called Hudhuranfushi next week, has anyone had any experience diving there? I have written 4 emails to the resort and the dive operation Hudhuranfushi Resort and Dive Point – Diving center and no one has bothered to answer yet and that was 2 weeks ago!! Please advise if you know about the place and the diving there. We are are heading there next week. Best wishes Howard
  2. Hi Jack This just in from Ran at PMA, he put the new D60 camera into our FD40X housing and the D60 fits right into into it like a hand in a glove. It is the exact same camera body and controls. This is great news and the housing is available TODAY. Here is the product release Fantasea Line Introduces the New FD-40X Housing http://www.fantasea.com/email/fd40x_press_release_done.asp Of course you have them available for anyone who needs one. To summarize, the new Nikon D60 camera is the exact same body and controls as the D40 and D40X and the Fantasea Line FD40X housing will work perfectly with this new DSLR. Howard Fantasea Line Fantasea Line housings, accessories and water sports cameras
  3. Just to set the record straight, Fantasea Line is an independent company which manufactures and distributes a wide line of uw photo accessories. Some of the products Fantasea makes itself and some is co developed and co produced with other companies. Within this context Fantasea works very closely with 10 BAR who make a unique housing using their proprietary Air Lock System. Fantasea's housing are very similar but use the standard Buckle Lock system and have other modifications as well. Fantasea housing are also unique in the UW Photo Market as they come with a 1 year free Flood Insurance program from DEPP !! With respect to the viability of manufacturing Housings, a lot of hard work in a rapidly developing and changing market, makes for a lot of challenges, Good luck, Howard Fantasea Line www.fantasea.com
  4. The Fantasea Line housings all have stainless steel buckles. Howard Fantasea Line
  5. Hello Pilgrim, Sorry for the late response. Fantasea Line certainly does Point and Shoots like the G7, we have a whole selection of Nikon Coolpix Housings for the following cameras http://www.fantasea.com/coolpix_housing_chart.asp Indeed we have a new release for the Nikon Coolpix P5000 http://www.fantasea.com/email/FP5000_press_release_done.asp which is very similar to the Canon G7. Please do not hesitate to contact us direct info@fantasea.com if you have any more questions. Howard Fantasea Line
  6. Hi Matt, I managed to post some images of the new Fantasea Line FP5000 housing on our website at http://www.fantasea.com/gallery.asp?section=3 These are pictures taken of and with the FP5000 during our deep sea testing phase. Shots taken on a missle boat wreck in the Red Sea (Eilat, Israel) The housing is due out mid June. Please follow our website www.fantasea.com for exact launch dates. The prototype housing used for testing will be in the Fantasea Line booth at the Long Beach Scuba Show next weekend. Best wishes Howard Fantasea Line
  7. Hi Matt, My aplogies, was too busy this week, I will do my best to have it up on the site gallery next week. Howard
  8. Hi, We just finished dive testing our new FP5000 Housing for the Coolpix P5000. The tests were done up to 50 meters / 170 ft. in the Red Sea. The camera and housing performed beautifully underwater. We used a Fiber Optic connection to our Nano Flash system. I personally did not feel any problem with "focus delay" and got excellent images from the dives. I will be happy to put some on our Gallery images over the weekend at www.fantasea.com The FP5000 is due out mid June and will be in our booth at the Long Beach diving show. Safe Diving Howard Fantasea Line
  9. Hi Jack, We are dive testing the FP5000 this week and you will definitely have a sample to show off at the Long Beach show (booth 737) Also, the first run may have the 46mm thread for Red Filters and Wide Angle Lenses. In any respect we will have a special adaptor to allow this housing to work with our Accessory lenses and Filters. See all new products here http://www.fantasea.com/catalogues/fantasea_customers.pdf Howard Fantasea Line
  10. Here is the first good look at the new Fantasea FP 5000 housing which is now in deep sea testing in the Red Sea. It is scheduled to be released in June http://www.fantasea.com/downloads/FP5000.jpg For more information keep an eye on the Fantasea Line website www.fantasea.com or through one of Fantasea's authorized Dealers http://www.fantasea.com/resellers.asp Howard Fantasea Line
  11. We can assure you that this housing will have an MSRP of $1099 and MAP price of $935+ For more information please contact us direct at info@fantasea.com or one of our Authorized Fantasea Dealers which you can find in our website www.fantasea.com The advertised price you quoted is not authorized and the particular seller has no inventory. Howard Fantasea
  12. Hi to all, Fantasea's FD40X is due out in mid May, here is the product release http://www.fantasea.com/email/fd40x_press_release_done.asp MSRP will be about $1099 Howard Fantasea Line
  13. Mike thanks, we are trying our best. Howard
  14. Thank you Sting Ray, We are doing just that. We have added more staff for Customer Service, Janice@fantasea.com and Barbara@fantasea.com for direct contacts. As for the lenses, we can already handle most all of the popular wide angle and macro lenses. You can see the ports in our website at http://www.fantasea.com I hope that no more of your mails will go unanswered. Safe Diving Howard
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