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  1. Still have the dome / interested in selling just thtat?
  2. Any interest selling just the dome for around $300ish? Was just about to buy one today ...
  3. Hello. Recently upgraded to a GH5 setup w/ Nauticam housing from a TG5. Primarily was shooting macro with the Tg5 for two years and it was wonderfully easy. Decided I wanted to take things up a notch. Have spent a few days with the GH5 using a 7-14mm lens, just to get the hang of using the camera under the water. Think I got the general gist of how to operate the camera. I have a trip coming up to Bali, in the Amed/Tulamben area. Lot and lots of tiny critters, muck diving etc. Have visited this area before and the subjects tend not to move too much.... My question is : Will the 60mm be too small? From the examples I have been seeing onine, it's primarily eyes, mouths, faces, blemmies etc). If there is a frogfish the size of a golfball - I imagine the 60mm would be "too much" for it? Would I be better suited with a 12-40mm lens, allowing for more range in available macro subjects? Would either lens be any more difficult to use than the other for a "first timer"? One consideration is that I already have the Nauticam N85 port, so it could/would potentially be one less port to purchase. Final n00bie question, with objects such so small, and a large housing / lens - I imagine I would only need ONE strobe? (or centered positioned video light) Any insight or tips would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Would you seperate the fish eye dome port?
  5. Have any floats or clamps left? Looking for 4 floats and two clamps.
  6. If someone wants to break it up.... I would happily purchase : Nauticam macro port 65 Olympus ED 60mm f2.8 Macro
  7. I'll take the zoom gear if someone else purchases the lens
  8. Currently have the TG5 and 58 Housing. Compared to the Ikelite - it's for sure made of cheaper materials (mostly plastic). I bet if I dropped it a few times, pieces would fall off / buttons would stop working etc but that's never happened. After two years and a few hundred dives, I never had a single issue. Buttons still respond as well as they have from day one. With the camera already being waterproof, this may be the one housing where you can get away with buying on the cheap.
  9. Hello - Former TG5 shooter getting everything ready to "take the next step" and move to a mirrorless rig. After a few weeks of research and video watching, I am pretty set on the GH5 w/ a Nauticam housing. One potential issue that is dissuading me is the lack of TTL support on the Nauticam housing. I know I will eventually want to control my strobes manually down the line, but TTL seems like a wonderful option for the first few weeks/months as I learn how to use this new camera. I have come across this converter kit. Curious if anyone has any experience with these products. Do they work well? In theory, with this purchase I would NOT need flash triggers, correct? Would I be able to use my existing strobes (YS D2) and fiber optic cables? Any help or insight would be GREATLY appreciated!
  10. Hello. New to wetpixel. Have been shooting a TG5 and just about ready to step up to a mirrorless setup. Have a few questions primarily about the Gh5. Specifically about housing and ports
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