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  1. Think I solved this mystery..I was taking a look at the camera tray that screws onto the camera and it could not be any more loose. I bet dollars to donuts it was vibrating /rattling inside the housing, hence the constant motor sound..... Will leave this post up in case for some reason someone else doesn't thing to check the tray!
  2. Further info : Using the native Lumix 7-14mm lens. I did have AF-C so maybe it is the lens !? Will give AF-S a shot next time...Maybe that is it! We did not hear that noise while under the water / at the surface. Absolutely positive it is not the boat (engine was for sure off, as we were free-diving around it). Additionally my wife's camera footage w/ a different camera does not have the noise (as well other videos of mine just moments later not featuring that sound). That noise appears in previous vidoes as well (sigh) My experience is that camera can be extremely noisy in the housing. Another throw away clip, from the same time. Slightly different +/- settings but everything else is the same. No motor / purring here but lots of clanking around from the lanyard clips .
  3. Hi! There often is a grumbling, small motor sound that has popped up in my videos. It's not boat noise. It's apparent in some videos and not in others on the same dive. No changes are made to the settings. Not a huge deal-breaker but it would be nice if it weren't there. Quick throw away example : https://vimeo.com/644165063 Using a Gh5 with the Nauticam housing. I cant figure out what it could be. Any ideas? Greatly appreciate any insight one could lend. Thx!
  4. Looking to pick one up for a spare / backup....would you consider selling a single for $300?
  5. Bit embarrassing but after a quick call w/ Backscatter, we went through a few options. At the very end of the call they thankfully asked "Did you check to see if your camera or tray is loose in the housing?". Low and behold it was. Such a "duh" moment. Super appreciate the reply and thank you Interceptor21 for the incredibly helpful spring photo. Spring is thankfully okay!
  6. Hi! I own a GH5 camera with the Nauticam housing. Having intermittent issues switching from Manual Focus to either Auto Focus C/S modes. Will have no problems or issues for a few days ina row, but 2 out of every 10 dives, once I switch to manual (w/ the camera in the housing) - I can not switch out of it (unless I open up the camera, spin the dial myself and seal the housing back up). Obviously far from ideal solution. It's difficult to replicate when the camera/housing are dry and topside. It seems to primarily happen in the water. Never any issues with switching back and forth from AFC to AFS and vice versa. Just switching from MF. If I had to describe it, I would say you can can sort of "feel" that the latch or lever, is just a bit off the dial. Taking a look inside - everything looks in place, appears to be fully functioning etc. Curious if anyone had any similar experiences or has a bit of advice (maybe I am missing something super obvious?) before I send it off to be serviced. Any/all insight super appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Hi. Puting together a new macro system for a Sony A7Rii and looking for some used pieces. The 90mm Sony lens, the port - Nauticam sku #37126 and/or the focus gear Nauticam sku #37147. Thanks!
  8. Not a bad idea! But as far as I am aware, they do not service equipment. However Backscatter in Monterey, CA does. I do have an e-mail with photos out to them asking for opinions. Spoke to the seller and they agreed to cover charges for the service (which is sort of relieving)
  9. Found what I considered a pretty good deal on ebay for a 5 year old Nauticam housing and macro port ($1100 all-in). Lots of exterior photos which showed some moderate wear and tear but nothing too bad. The housing arrived today and holy moly it was GAROSSSS inside. The o-ring looks like it was never changed? The o-ring seat is COVERED in grease (looks like the put a whole tube of silicon lube on at once and then never again - stained white all around). Lots of brown spotting, the on/off switch for the moisture detector shows signs of rust and there is a weird reddish brown gunk inside. I don't have any experience in cleaning up and servicing housings, so I am asking for quick opinions if this is worth keeping if the seller would cover the costs for service / re-haul at Backscatter. Pics here : https://imgur.com/a/RnQnis0
  10. Still have the dome / interested in selling just thtat?
  11. Any interest selling just the dome for around $300ish? Was just about to buy one today ...
  12. Hello. Recently upgraded to a GH5 setup w/ Nauticam housing from a TG5. Primarily was shooting macro with the Tg5 for two years and it was wonderfully easy. Decided I wanted to take things up a notch. Have spent a few days with the GH5 using a 7-14mm lens, just to get the hang of using the camera under the water. Think I got the general gist of how to operate the camera. I have a trip coming up to Bali, in the Amed/Tulamben area. Lot and lots of tiny critters, muck diving etc. Have visited this area before and the subjects tend not to move too much.... My question is : Will the 60mm be too small? From the examples I have been seeing onine, it's primarily eyes, mouths, faces, blemmies etc). If there is a frogfish the size of a golfball - I imagine the 60mm would be "too much" for it? Would I be better suited with a 12-40mm lens, allowing for more range in available macro subjects? Would either lens be any more difficult to use than the other for a "first timer"? One consideration is that I already have the Nauticam N85 port, so it could/would potentially be one less port to purchase. Final n00bie question, with objects such so small, and a large housing / lens - I imagine I would only need ONE strobe? (or centered positioned video light) Any insight or tips would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Would you seperate the fish eye dome port?
  14. Have any floats or clamps left? Looking for 4 floats and two clamps.
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