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  1. Hi Kraken de Mabini, the Nauticam viewfinders are not compatible with the Issota housing. The Inon viewfinders are however and have both a 180 and 45 degree options. http://www.inon.jp/products/finder/index.html
  2. I have a reached out to both backscatter and Nauticam and am waiting to hear back regarding compatibility. I will note that the Isotta systems are designed to be very universal with Nauticam so my guess would be yes. I will let you know as soon as I have a definitive answer.
  3. Open to offers from all you D750 shooters out there.
  4. Unfortunately, my camera got stolen before I uploaded the photos
  5. Isotta housing for Nikon D750 for sale. In great condition. I am only selling it because my D750 was stolen and I am upgrading to the D850 Please reach out if interested.
  6. I just got back from diving the Sea of Cortez. Huge pull sharks on the reefs of Cabo Pulmo and Killer Whales in the La Paz area. Diving was amazing.
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