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  1. Hello everyone! I'm selling the following equipment: - Hugyfot Housing for Nikon D90, with Hugycheck system (1450 euros) - 2 flashes Sea&Sea YS-110 (295 euros each) - 1 camera Nikon D90 - body only (300 euros). Total: 2340 euros+postage, on very good and well maintained equipment. you can reach me at: jcarv@netcabo.pt
  2. I'm located in Portugal. Thx Jack. I'll look into it...
  3. hi all, i want to buy a ys110-a strobe.
  4. this viewfinder has been sold. thanks everyone.
  5. Hi All, I'm sending my INON Viewfinder 45º. The equipment is in Portugal (Lisbon area). It's brand new, with 2 dives only. For price information, please contact me at: jcarv@netcabo.pt Many thanks,
  6. for this housing - or any other that you choose - you still need arms & clamps to be able to handle your strobe. brands like ikelite or sea & sea also offer solutions in this area. And then, there are brands that are specialized in it...like ULCS, for instance...
  7. "reflective" fish are like that...reflective :-) I think you then need to thnk about strobe/light orientation , in order to dribble that problem.
  8. You're probably right. An Ikelite WP case, and then use compatible inon or epoque lens.
  9. Can anyone give an opinion about these Dyron products?
  10. Nope. I'm still waiting to see if it's worthwile. In the meantime I bought the Sea&Sea YS-110. Great! I don't know if the lenses will be a good investment, as they will not be used if I change to another camera somewhere in the future.
  11. Hello everyone, I've purchased a nice point&shoot camera - the powershot A710IS, and it's housing, also manufactured by Canon, the WP-DC6...and I'm considering my next steps for strobe and lenses. 1) I was surprised to realize that Inon is not making any lens adapter for WP-DC6. This seems official, as I read in some other topic in this forum. So I'm looking for alternatives...I found Dyron - a french manufacturer. Anyone knows them? They claim to offer a solution for WP-DC6 which includes an adapter, a macro lens, and also a wide lens. Link for the adapter : http://www.plongimage.com/product_info.php...products_id=833 Link for the macro lens: http://www.plongimage.com/product_info.php...products_id=744 Link for the wide lens: http://www.plongimage.com/product_info.php...products_id=548 Any opinion on this products? 2) Strobe: I'm not to keen on spending a fortune for a strobe. I've looked at some Sea&Sea and Inon ones. What would you recommend? Thank you for your help!
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