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  1. Hi all, I am trying to find original documentation or sales listing for a Subal Miniflex N8b housing for the Nikon N8008/F801. I have had one for awhile sitting on my bookshelf and I curious about the history or at least the year it was released (cant find much info online). If you have knowledge or history with this housing I would love to hear about it. Cheers, Jeremy
  2. Got several old school video housing for sale. Many are still in great condition and some include original camcorder in working order! DM me for questions/photos/and additional parts. See previous post for additional lighting options including SunRay and SunRay H.I.D lighting. Asking price based on prices found online but accepting BEST OFFER. Trying to make a little profit but really want to clear out space, so contact me if you are interested! Brand Model Category Camera Price Online Asking Price per Item Notes Backscatter Top Dawg (SN B35015273) Video Housing All Sony FX/TR/TRV and some newer canon cameras 150 100 Just the housing. Light & Motion Stingray Underwater Video Video Housing Sony CCD TR400 300-400 250 Full setup. Includes camera (missing battery) Light & Motion Stingray Underwater Video Video Housing Sony CCD TR700 150 100 Just the housing. Light & Motion Stingray II Video Housing Sony TRV 310/120 150 100 Just the housing. Light & Motion BlueFin HD 3CCD N950 A Video Housing 150 75 Might have the wrong tray. Light & Motion BlueFin HD 3CCD C Video Housing Sony DCR-TRV900 150 100 Includes camcorder. Uses 900 Tray. Light & Motion BlueFin HD 622-0877 A Video Housing Sony HD-HC7 150 100 Includes camcorder.
  3. NEW ADDITIONS IKELITE Asking Price Notes (x1) Substrobe 150 TTL 75 Includes free charger (x1) Substrobe 225 TTL 100 Includes free charger (x1) Substrobe 200 (Black) 75 Need some soldering work to reconnect battery (x1) #4052 Quick Charger 10 Free if bought with strobe SEA & SEA (x2) Yellow Sub 200 75 Two extra battery packs. Includes free charger listed below (x1) YS 200, 300 10 Free if bought with strobe HARTENBERGER (x1) Mini Compact 100 Might need some servicing or new bulb. Includes charger. (x1) LG Mini Compact charger 75 Free if bought with the Mini Compact unit listed above (x1) Nano Compact No complete set. Please see parts list below. (x6) Lens Cover 10 (x6) Battery Packs 10 (x1) Handle/Back Cover 10 (x9) LG off-shore I/6 charger 75 (x3) LG off-shore II charger 75 (x11) Charging plugs (US, UK) Shipping Cost (x7) Zip cases/ Neoprene Shipping Cost (x4) Neoprene covers Shipping Cost (x2) Zip Cases Shipping Cost
  4. FOR SALE: Strobe Lights + Video Lights + Sync Cords + Chargers + Strobe Arms BRANDS: Nikonos, Ikelite, Oceanic, Sea & Sea, Light & Motion Looking to sell in bulk (preferably) or individually. Products are in excellent condition with minimal use and wear. Equipment works unless otherwise noted or missing parts. I have broken down a list of what the products can go for online and what I am offering. Photos posted below are not listed in table (looking for product info, please comment if you know the parts). Any item may sell with BEST OFFER! Just reach out and ask any questions you may have. Pictures can be provided upon request (too many to post). *Buyer pays for shipping
  5. Hello, For sale is an old school Amphibico Navigator 900 with the Sony DCRTRV900 (charger, battery, lens cap, and sunshade). This piece is in great condition and hasn’t been touched in years. Comes in watertight hard case and with external plastic UR-PRO color correction filters. Asking price around 300 but negotiable. (PM me for more questions and photos) DESCRIPTION The compact Navigator 900 mechanical underwater housing is designed for the popular Sony DCR-TRV900 Digital Camcorder. Built with marine grade aluminum and marine grade brass with stainless steel hardware that allows full use of camcorder features to depths up to 330. Supplied with the Amphibico bayonet mounted wide-angle conversion lens and an external hydrophone to pick up the best sound underwater. Housing includes various camcorder control and functions like wide angle and telephoto zoom, focus, exposure, white balance, and even has the capability to take stills with the photo mode feature on the camcorder, for more versatile recording capability underwater.
  6. If you are not looking for a crazy setup and interested in taking awesome macro shots the Olympus TG series is amazing! I have had a Olympus Tough TG-820 since its release in 2012 and it still works great (diving depths max 30ft). If it wasn't still working I would upgrade to the TG5 but I am also looking to upgrade to a full setup for my Olympus E-M10 Mark II camera. I do love the Olympus brand...If you didn't notice.
  7. Personally, as a photographer, I like to keep my photos as clean, honest, and true as possible. I like to keep my editing limited to enhancing photos but not to remove something I don't like. I wont take the shot if I don't like what's in it. Most of the time I am trying to tell a story and I want to attract my audience to what I see in person while be honest to my audience as well. I find it discrediting sometimes when I find professional photographers who "photocrop" their photos often. Personal opinion though and thanks for the post. Its an interesting topic. -Jeremy
  8. New to WetPixel here. Was wondering whats the difference between a strobe and video light?
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