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  1. If you are thinking of designing the housing, you should look into how to design the groove width and depth that the o-ring will sit in around a normal dimensioned o-ring. There is a lot of o-ring information from online dealers, and many standard diameters and dimensions to choose from, but if you do not make the groove the right size the o-ring will never seal correctly and could easily leak.
  2. I was diving in Hood Canal in Puget Sound and came across a couple of Lion's Mane Jellys with their tentacles stretched way out. I was excited to be able to photograph them, but when I dowloaded the pics to my computer you could see every piece of debris in the water column. I was very disappointed. I liked the compostition of this one, so I used photoshop to obscure the debris and it has turned out to be a favorite for this year. By the way I feel priviliged to see everyone's photos. Pat Gunderson
  3. It was great meeting everyone and diving in Puget Sound again. Haven't done that in several years even though I dive regularly in the Northwest. This is my first shot of a wolf eel that is more than just a shot of the face. This was a very friendly fish that came out to check us out when I took this photo. Thanks everyone for a great time. Pat
  4. I have paid for both my husband and myself over the internet. Pat Gunderson. question is it 2 dives, so we bring the right number of tanks. thanks
  5. My husband Mike and I would like to go to the meet and greet. I can bring a potatoe salad-we are locals. Pat Gunderson
  6. Would like to go for both days, but would like to bring my husband who is not a wetpixel member but does underwataer video. Pat Gunderson
  7. Are you interested in selling the Tokina 10-17 or the Nikon 60mm lens? Also, are you interested in selling the zoom gear and extension for the tokina 10-17?
  8. Look Out! Here comes Crabzilla Cove north of Seymour Narrows, British Columbia, Canada Subal housed Nikon D70/12-24 lens Instead of fleeing this crab charged towards me as I was laying on the bottom photographing, it was huge. Mosshead Warbonnet Campbell River Area, British Columbia, Canada Nikon D70/105 Micro Nikkor This little guy swam in the hole and poked its head out for me. A Wolf Eel Peeking out of its Den Outside of Grouse Island, Campbell River area British Columbia, Canada Nikon D70 with 105 Micro Nikkor lens Rumour had it that there was a Wolf Eel at this site and I finally found one.
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