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  1. SEACAM SILVER Underwater Housing for Nikon D800 with Nikon D800 camera and P105. Condition is Used. The Seacam Silver housing is manufactured in Austria and simply the best underwater camera housing on the market. The Seacam housing and Nikon D800 camera are both in excellent condition. The sale includes the housing, Nikon D800 camera, Seacam P105 flat port, two batteries, battery charger, camera strap, USB cable, and manuals. There are no lenses included with the sale as there is a wide range of lenses and ports available for this system. I have owned several of the Seacam housings and for me it is by far the best on the market. The housing comes with a Pro viewfinder but you can also purchase different viewfinders based on you preferences. Buyer pays shipping and insurance costs which can be estimated by using a 24 X 24 X 12 box weighing about 12 lbs. Purchase Price $3000 US Payment through Paypal.
  2. Thanks David. I will contact Fakarava Dive Center today and see if I can reserve a few dive days with them. Do they include all diving equipment like most of the Tahiti Scuba Dive Centers. I heard Air Tahiti can be hard core about transporting dive bags on their flights. I can't believe you saw a Sailfish. We see them all the time fishing here in Key Largo but never while diving. I've tried to jump in front of the bait showers when they are around with the camera but they never come by. I keep eyes up and out while diving there.
  3. Thank you both for the replies and really enjoyed watching the video. I guess I better brush up on my video skills before heading out there. I usually shoot stills but the shark encounters look great on video also. I'm shooting a D800 in Seacam housing so I can easily switch back and forth. I also see that we need to schedule our diving activities in advance of arriving. I think at least two days should be spent diving the south pass from your feedback.
  4. We are going diving in and Fakarava later this year and are looking for any suggestions for good diving sites or operators who will enhance the underwater photography opportunities. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I know the areas around Tahiti and Moorea, but am not familiar with Fakrava. Thanks Mike
  5. The Nikon 12-24mm Lens and Seacam Wide Port has been sold.
  6. I am selling my Nikon 12-24 f/4 Lens with SEACAM zoom gear. The lens and Zoom gear are in excellent condition. This lens works great on Nikon DX or crop sensors and is not recommended for FX full frame cameras. Yes you can shoot it on a on a FX camera but there are better options for this requirement. The lens and zoom gear are available for $600 USD. Retail separately: Lens ($1100) SEACAM zoom gear ($260). Email me if you have any questions.
  7. I am selling a fairly complete SEACAM Silver housing with Nikon D200 camera, 60mm f/2.8 Nikon Micro-Nikkor lens and SEACAM P105 flat port. Everything is in excellent working condition and has been used recently diving. This SEACAM housing comes with the Pro viewfinder, two Nikonos style Strobe ports and an audible and visible moisture alarm. The 60mm lens has both the SEACAM focus and shift gears included. These are very handy when shooting macro in low light situations where autofocus may hunt. You can have the complete outfit as described above for $3000 USD. I have a SEACAM Wide-port (6inch dome), SEACAM 35mm extension, and Nikon 12-24mm lens with SEACAM zoom gear which could be added for an additional $1600 USD.
  8. I am selling my complete SEACAM Silver underwater camera system. The system includes a Nikon D200 camera, 60 mm Nikon AF Micro-Nikkor lens, SEACAM zoom and focus gears, and SEACAM P105 Port. The SEACAM housing was built with dual bulkhead strobe ports, and a moisture alarm. The SEACAM Silver underwater camera housings are simply the best available on the market. They feature fully usable camera controls and large user-friendly Pro viewfinder. The SEACAM Housing alone would cost $6000, combined with the P105 port ($350), D200 ($500 used), and Nikon 60mm ($500). The Focus and Zoom gears retail for $230 each. Attached are a few pictures of the housing. I can send you some pictures of the camera and lens if you want. All are in excellent condition. Mike I will sell the complete system for $2500
  9. For sale is my complete underwater system including the Seacam Silver Housing, Nikon D100 (no lenses), Pro Viewfinder,Macroport for 60mm lens, 2 batteries with charger, and AC power supply for camera. Included will be the original D100 camera box with all accessories shipped when camera was new. This is by far the best underwater photography system I have ever used due to the large viewfinder and easy access to all camera controls. This entire system is listed for sale at Stephen Frink Photographic under his Seacam USA link. The Seacam USA site has a complete reference to the Seacam system including drawings and technical details. http://www.seacamusa.com/preowned.shtml I am selling this entire system for $3000. Everything is in excellent working condition. If you would like any pictures please email me @ m_white@bellsouth.net. Michael White
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