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  1. I'm shocked, numb, and very very sad at the news. I don't think I ever met Dean, but we had plenty of chats (and banter!) over the years on Digigreen, email, and Facebook from our shared love of Pike. Dean taught me its cool to become fascinated with common, local subjects and that Stoney Cove offers as good diving as anywhere if you learn your subject. We planned diving together multiple times, but it just never happened. Poor Willow losing her dad at such a young age
  2. There are some absolute stunners in there Tim. I find it refreshing seeing colourful fish in monochrome; it's not always going to work, but in your album works well. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Tim, Excellent photos. What a great advert for UK cold green water diving! Particularly like your monochrome photos. Rob
  4. Tim, See, I wasn't hiding shots away, I was processing the days photos every night (until the laptop died). If I didn't I'd never get round to processing hardly any. That's the big downside of RAW! I've got a backlog going back a couple of years! I will touch up my favourite ones and then it's done. Already made all the monochrome ones better. Rob
  5. Tim, What about showwing your results? Mine are here: http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y94/Cussy...capa/?start=all Rob
  6. Here: http://www.batteryjunction.com/onepiofsc38m.html
  7. Paul, Cheers for this. Quick question: Nitrile or Viton (or doesn't it matter)? I've just ordered the batteries and charger from the states, so my mod will be happening sooner rather than later, Rob
  8. One of my two DS-125s runs flat much quicker than the other; and the annoying thing is I often then have no flash at all. If I charge them both and fire them full power, how many flashes should a healthy one with NiCd's give, and when should I decide an upgrade to NiMH is needed? Cheers, Rob
  9. John Any chance Diver could get the competition moved back to November? Water temperatures are about the same, but vis is always better, lot less students in the water, and most importantly, it's not Pike breeding time - poor little buggers were trying to get jiggy while getting bothered by photographers all day long. I know it moved to get more entrants, but the conditions were very challenging to say the least. Having dived Stoney 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after I think the timing was probably at it's worse in terms of vis and fish bothering. I'm glad EMUP managed to push entrant numbers higher and I'm even more pleased to see many of us do so well. Congratulations to Tim P, 6 stunning shots. Rob
  10. PapaFly, Just so that you don't feel alone, just to let you know I find exactly the same with exactly the same setup. The solution for me was to shoot manual and to avoid certain types of shots. What I find is the Tokina/D80 doesn't like shots that are very bright on one edge and much darker on the other (very common on a good day in UK water at shallow depths) - which face it is quite understandable. I use the Tokina a lot to do panoramas topside and these can only be done on manual IMHO. If I do use the D80 without shooting manual then I've been using centre-weighting - You can get very different results in certain types of shots. On my first trip (Red Sea) with the setup I ended up with loads of useless shots, I'm looking forward to going back in January and putting that right! Rob
  11. Having dived with Pike many many times in Stoney, and fewer times in Guildenburg and Dosthill, I would say it's very difficult to predict their behaviour on how easy it is to approach them. I did a dive a Stoney where I couldn't get near them recently, the males just wouldn't play ball. I put this down to the time of year. About 10 days later I did a dive in Guildenburg and all of the pike there, bar one monsterously huge one, allowed good portraits even having to get really close as I had the 10-17 on. There are other times when the pike in Stoney would let you touch them, not that I do that sort of thing. When you've over stepped the mark they will let you know, first by displaying the thing round their head (Dean can remind me of their name!!) and more commonly by swimming off far faster than you can! Alex, Nice fish and diver portraits. I find these quite difficult, partly to do with my usual buddy, and mainly because I find they hate to be surrounded and will very quickly swim off. Rob
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