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  1. Recently picked up a Sony a6300 and looking to start diving with it. Planning on shooting a 30mm f/3.5 macro to start out. Looking to find a lightly used Ikelite housing primarily but also interested in tray, arms, and strobes. Cheers, Brandon
  2. Awesome pictures! That microscope mode seems to work well. Thanks for sharing
  3. Hi I'm Brandon Hopper. 22 yrs old from Santa Barbara, CA. Free diving/spearfishing since I was little and SCUBA for a couple years now all with an old GoPro and looking to make the jump to a compact mirrorless uw setup. Currently have a Sony a6300 and headed over to classifieds to see if I can find a housing. Been following the forum for about 6 months and really looking forward to the learning process and grateful for the info available here. Cheers!
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