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  1. Hi! New member / 1st post! Recently come back from 2 months in Bali and want to get into U/W photography... Both diving & surf... just recreationally to begin with but with the aim to make a little bit on the side eventually! Currently own: - Canon 70D - Tokina 11-16 f2.8 - Canon 50mm f1.4 Unsure on best route to take, new body, more glass or u/w housing?? Obviously I'll need a housing if i want to get in the water but i'm not sure if i should hold off getting a housing until I have a full frame as the housing is such an investment in itself... Also wondering if there are any good housings that could double up for surf & diving photography - removable pistol grip etc? Open to good quality second hand gear! I don't have money to burn, but like to buy the best that I can afford, just putting the feelers out for now so i've got a good idea on which way i'm going to go when I can afford to! I will be shooting a mixture of both stills and video to begin with, see how it goes, start with wide angle and eventually step down to macro! The toss up i'm having is that I would like a full frame for better perfomance in lower light and it is eventually the step I want to take anyway, but on the other hand the 70D is great for sports photography / quick autofocus etc... All advice appreciated at this stage as i am a newbie really and it's a whole new world to me!! Look forward to hearing from y'all ! TIA
  2. Just back from 2 months in Bali and now seriously inspired to step into the realm of U/W photography - both scuba and surf... looking for advice on my next steps with equipment etc. :-)
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