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  1. Sorry no other pics - Hydroids appear to be only on the calcium (white) deposits? Dont have site - it was one of the many dives sites we did on the Atlantis Azores liveaboard - it was a nite dive. SC
  2. Greetings Have a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye f3.5 lens for Canon DSLR's for sale. Have used this on lot of wrecks and shoots very good WA photos. Am switching to Mirror-less camera and can no longer use it. No damage - comes with both end caps. Attached is pic of USS Lamson anti-aircraft gun from wreck at Bikini Atoll shot with the Tokina. Price: $200 (buyer pays shipping) original cost was $500 DARTHCOKER
  3. In recent trip to Wakatobi, saw this bizarre critter hiding under coral. Did not know what it was, except it was a fish. Finally found it in fish ID books - kind of rare Lionfish - called Twin-Spot Lionfish. DARTH COKER
  4. Recently did trip to PI - Atlantis liveaboard. Saw lot of very nice macro critters and such. Attached pic is Painted Frogfish - This one was bit unusual - had several anemone or hydroids attached to his skin (not sure which). Have never seen that before on any fish. SC
  5. Greetings Im from So Texas - near Houston. Have been diving for 45 yrs. - yes I am a dinosaur. I used to be a marine biologist many years ago. Spend lot of time traveling to wreck and macro sites these days. Started out on Nikonos 2 film camera and have finally gotten into the digital stuff about 12 yrs ago. Recently upgraded to Mirrorless camera.
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