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  1. Ianxx, i'll take the one you have. ive sent you pm. hope its not too late. saw your peherthian pix. nice shots cheers
  2. I have used this technique in situation wherein I cannot find a 'dry room' in a boat. very effective. First U need a transparent plastic bag, about the size of a large pillow. then put the cam & housing inside the bag, squeeze out the air inside, fill the bag with scuba air halfway, then mount cam & close the housing. easier said than done. practice, practice practice. the fluid that came with the housing... great mask defogger
  3. hi, ive been looking for this adapter for some time. Will email sea & sea to include my name in the list, if there's any. In the mean time im experimenting a home-made solution... so far not successful. Ive tried holding the lens in front of the housing...works, but too cumbersome IMO. But only if flash is off. otherwise, some of the lights will be reflected bcak into the port, probably due mis alignment of lens to the port. sigh... B)
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