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  1. If you have that attitude then why bother with anything? I am 100% sure that the world is over populated and nothing we do will make things better. Should I stop caring? I guess I should as the "experts" have spoken. Nice knowing you all (sarcasm in case you didnt realize).
  2. Here is a link to a photo taken on the 6th floor of the MBK building in Bangkok. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=488...044&theater marketing@mbk-center.co.th I hope you take the time to send them an email. cheers 7
  3. Similan Islands out of Phuket. Only 5 days tho generally.
  4. Happy new year to all. Keep the underwater realm a safe and happy place to be. Keep educating those ignorant or too afraid to join us. Keep trying to save the sharks. Keep enjoying the big (sharks) and the small (clown fish) alike. Keep taking nothing but memories. Enjoy and be safe. 7
  5. Sounds like good advice. I will go with the Ike housing and strobes. And the Tokina lens. I dont have the time to learn properly and dont want to lose a heap of shots. cheers
  6. I believe you are right. It would get quite complicated and I might lose a lot of good shots. Will stick with the original idea (Ike housing/strobes). cheers
  7. Thanks. Guess I will have to learn what manual mode is. Might pay to do a course (or DL a heap of videos off Youtube).
  8. They cannot be used in TTL mode apparently. I already contacted a guy about them. I am not sure what TTL mode is exactly, but its seems like I would need it (through the lens, but whats that mean?).
  9. I have the Suunto D9. Its a good computer. The compass is terrible and recently it cost me $250AU to get the batteries replaced (watch and transmitter). So thats something to consider before you buy. Get one with user replaceable batteries to save big $ down the line.
  10. Use Agoda.com to book your motel. I have used them a few times with no hassles.
  11. Are there any strobes that are as good that use normal AA batteries?
  12. Are problems like this common with other brands, or just Ikelite? I have an Ikelite video housing and its all good so far.
  13. Will do. Does anyone have the contact info for the leak detector in Oz? I have one but do not have his info any longer. Googled and got a hit, but think its in the US. cheers
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