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  1. Hello... I have a topic/post in the classified section and I need to edit the post, change the photos and text... I can't find any way to do that can anyone help...? thank you, Eddie
  2. This kit is no longer available.as shown, however, camera and housing are still available Housing (works for MKIII and 5DsR) $900 5DsR $1100
  3. Price Drop to $3500 for entire kit. Individual prices are: s10 Viewfinder $950 Superdone $950 Inon Strobes $250 each ($500) Housing (works for MKIII and 5DsR) $900 5DsR $1100 Arms $100 each ($200)
  4. For sale. SeaCam underwater housing (for 5DsR and or 5DMarkIII) 1 dome and 1 flat port and 2 extension ports, S 180 Sportsfinder, 2 INON Z 240 Type 2 strobes (uses 4 AA batteries) with 2 flash arms, connectors (all in excellent condition, no scratches) and extras as shown including shipping case and shipping in continental US. Included is the Canon 5DsR with only 13,492 shutter count, 50 megapixel full frame sensor. Original owner, original box, excellent condition. $3700
  5. It may be a little hard to see online, not sure, but it is one of my favorite images... If you can imagine (and I'm sure most of you have) swimming forward and then twisting to follow a fish... This one is that way... the original image was with my 5DsR at 8688x4437 pixels, ISO 200, 50mm, f/16, 1/80 sec.
  6. Love your work and the UW portrait is really fantastic... I would love to do something like this...
  7. Hello everyone... I've been diving for around 15 years now... a professional photographer, educator and consultant. I have and have been using SeaCam and Canon cameras. Every June for the past 15 years, I'm honored to teach the post process part of the Digital Masters Class in Key Largo with Stephen Frink. Everyone I know loves WetPixel... thank you, Eddie
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