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  1. Why no, whatever made you think that?
  2. Do they ship to the US? I have a friend who needs some.
  3. Three cheers for all the winners. Congratulations!
  4. Those are all superb, Ed. The ghost pipefish is nothing short of amazing. You did a great job with your photography.
  5. We can hear the audible sign of relief from here. A happy ending, and good luck!
  6. A very nice image, Pieter. Your photo tells the story very simply and effectively. Well done!
  7. Yes, the Humann book says they are "very shy; retreat into recess when approached." You got a killer shot of the lobster.
  8. Then that would put it in the uppermost size range. The Humann-Deloach book lists the size as .75 in - 4.5 in. And very rare too. It was a great find and a superb capture.
  9. Very rare and very tiny. That was a great find, Larry.
  10. For years, I've been shooting a housed Nikon SB800 flash underwater. In my opinion, it works extremely well and provides great TTL exposures. Last year I decided to try shooting a second SB800, so I bought another SB800, plus a Fantasea FSB-800 Flash Housing. I was planning to fire the second SB800 with a fiber optics link. Later, I decided to just stay with the one housed flash, so the Fantasea housing has never been used. Fantasea recently stopped making these housings, so they're getting harder to find in new condition. Dealers who still have them are asking around $300 for the housing and sync cord. I'm offering mine for $175 (no sync cord), which includes shipping to US addresses. Please note that this is the housing only and does not include the SB800 flash. I prefer payment by PayPal.
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