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  1. Emailed you. I would like these if they are still available
  2. I know that there seems to be trend towards using dome diffusers. I don't know whether this just because the new z330s seem to come with them. The question is really whether there is much of a gain over a standard diffuser. Clearly we would all love beautiful even light across the lens coverage but do the domes really add much in that regard? Interested in thoughts.
  3. I know that it is a little over the travel time but why not Bali? Quick look at Skyscanner shows reasonable flights for under £500 from London with one stop. It is certainly possible to get a week inc diving for under £500 so within budget. I have had some better spotters there than anywhere else and certainly no shortage of macro subjects. If you only have a week off then I have done a later flight on a Thursday and back on the Sunday giving 6(?) days diving with just over a weeks leave. Just a thought
  4. Sorry. Meant to say that I am open to any offers really. I would suggest £100 for 22mm and £125 for the 40mm. Happy to provide images.
  5. I have 2 Sea and Sea extensions rings (22mm and 40mm) that I no longer use. Although I have been using them with my S&S dome on a Nauticam housing, I have put thr original bayonets back on. They are for sale together or individually. I am located in the UK, near London but will send them worldwide. If you are interested then I can work out shipping.
  6. At the risk of being a devils advocate, I do struggle with the idea of these being professional images that people are expecting payment for, yet they are putting them on Insta. Surely people are aware that once it goes on Insta any real hope of it as a profitable image vanishes. Not only are you granted licensing rights to them to do pretty much anything they like, but most magazines that I deal with (this is mainly fashion granted) will not touch anything that has already been of social media outside of their accounts.
  7. I would be very surprised if any of the dive centres will take you down into Egypt. Neweiba and the northern Sinai used to be very good but they were ghost towns for tourists 5-7 years ago when I was last there and things have got a lot worse since apparently.
  8. I used to have camera, housing (less handles), strobes, lens in the backpack as carry on, with the rest well wrapped in the checked in luggage. However, I started getting far too arguments about the hand luggage exceeding 7kg (as many airlines do). As a result I bought a cheap hard case and filled it with foam with cut outs for all of the part. It is like a peli case but nowhere near as heavy, and doesn't scream "steal me" the way a peli case does. All spares, cables, grease, float arm, macro ports, etc go in (the dome is too big and so goes in the hand luggage).
  9. I appear to be missing something; why would you want a ND filter for a strobe? Where no just turn it down. I am well aware of the value of a ND on a lens but struggling with the idea on the light. I appreciate I must be missing something obvious.
  10. I have never had issues with overheating on any of my Z240s but I have problems with the silly push lock on the 1 or 2 preflash button. On a couple of my Inons this just doesn't hold and there is nothing more annoying than shooting away and discovering the button has popped and is out of sync and not firing when you want it to. That and the modelling light button just seem like bad design (I am always accidentally putting the modelling light on temporarily when I don't want to). It is a real shame that they haven't taken this chance, as it will stop me buying the new version.
  11. £400 not cheap enough? With the weak pound that has got to be the best bargain around. Any cheaper and it is not worth selling. It may as well be a back up.
  12. The place that you are thinking of is the Underwater Studio is Basildon. Steve Warren used to hire it out with his own reef etc. A word of warning though, it is not cheap and without Steve you will probably need to bring reef. You are far better finding a local private school that hires out their pool or joining a dive club that has a pool night. The pool that I use in Surrey costs £23 ph which is probably less than 1/3 of the cost in Basildon.
  13. I am reducing the price of my Nauticam D300s housing to £400 (approx $530US).​ Great condition and never flooded. The only real wear is on the balls on the handles that are quick, easy and fairly cheap to replace if it bothers you. I am happy to send worldwide at cost.
  14. There is also a technique where you reverse the strobes so that you are effectively firing them backwards. You then use the edge of the beam to light the subject, but not do not light the background.
  15. I have just set up an instagram account that I am populating. @DDT_uwp
  16. Nothing says expensive camera equipment quite like a peli case. A few years back they were quite popular but there were some parts of the world where they were almost guaranteed to go missing. Most travel insurance limits individual items to ridiculously low value, so unless you have specific camera insurance, a peli case is just not worth the risk IMHO. What I have just done is to buy a normal looking hard shell suitcase and some meduim density foam. The plan is to have something akin to a peli case but lighter and indistinguishable from normal luggage.
  17. I have been asked if I would split, and I will. I am happy to accept £500 for the housing, £230 for the Inon viewfinder. If you want both, I will add a D300s body for £20. All plus postage.
  18. Reducing the asking price of this to £850 for the Nauticam housing, D300s body*, and Inon 45deg viewfinder. *body is fully functional but has a stiff on/off toggle.
  19. Due to an upgrade, I am now selling my Nauticam D300s housing. This is in very good condition generally and has never been flooded. There are the usually marks from use, particularly on the ball joints on the handles. I will be more than happy to provide images. The housing comes with a flood alarm. Although I do still have the orginal eyepiece, I have been using this with an Inon 45 degree viewfinder that has an adapter/been adapted to fit Nauticam housings. I am looking for £1000 for the housing and vewfinder. I do have a D300s body that I can include. It functions perfectly well except for the On/off button which is very stiff. As I have gone full frame, I have a Nikon fit Tokina 10-17 lens with a zoom gear for a Nauticam housing. £250. Considering that the gear is £140 on its own, this is bargain. I am based in London, happy to ship worldwide if the buyer covers postage.
  20. I have now bought a housing. Thank you very much Scubabiatch. Really happy with it.
  21. I am still looking. How much did you want for it and where would it be coming from (so I can calculates tax etc)?
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