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  1. If anyone is selling one of these housings please do let me know.
  2. Sea and Sea D200 housing, compact dome, base port, ports for 60mm and 105mm, Woody diopter, holder using for 67mm wet lens with ports, twin sync, 3 single sync, spares. Real bargain at £700
  3. Like Tim, I would suggest that my ratio of shots taken to those used is probably around 1% at most. Therefore I really do not want to spend time processing images that I do not use. The first thing is to go through LR and select the first cut from the rest. Then wait a day or so before doing round 2. Then some quick work on those left in LR before picking (say) the top ten. They can then be imported into PS. Take each image and decide what you do not like about it or want to improve. Write it down. Then attempt to correct it.
  4. Is anyone selling one of these at a reasonable price? If so, could they let me know please? Many thanks Daniel (based in the UK)
  5. Not just yet. It is a lot harder to sell the housing without ports (although it is seemingly difficult to get any interest even with them!). Hence I am not selling ports until I have sold the housing.
  6. BUMP Will reduce the price of the housing to £575 (about $880). Will ship worldwide. Daniel
  7. Sorry, the strobe has now been sold.
  8. Having upgraded I am selling off my surplus kit: Sea and Sea DX D200 housing. It was never flooded and only been used in the pool twice since last service. It is in excellent condition. £625 for this ONLY. I also have a 40mm extension ring (Product No.56111), base port (Product No.56201), with extension ports for the 60mm macro (Product No.56211) and 105mm (Product No.56221). I have a custom made Tokina 10-17 zoom gear. I also have a Nikon D200 body. The buyer of the housings gets first call on the ports, gear, rings and body. Only after that is sold will I split. If anyone wants to buy the housing and various bits as a package then I can throw in a number of extras (sync leads, dual syn leads, focus light holder). If it will seal a deal I may also sell a compact dome port and 22mm extension ring, although I will otherwise hold on to these. I have a YS-90 duo that has been well used but is functioning perfectly and never flood. £90. I also have a YS 110a that has been used for 1 week in the Red Sea and once in the pool. Never flooded, excellent condition. £225. Strobes can be sold without the housing, etc. All kit is in the UK. Happy to ship abroad. Happy to take payment by Paypal or bank transfer. Happy to answer any questions or provide pictures.
  9. You have always have a spell on wide angle and teach her to model. Then you can take "team" shots. The trouble with buying a camera for your other half is that you lose your model and spotter. In seriousness though, if she is newly qualified then everything is new and novel. Once she has more dives under her belt she is less likely to be relaxed and laid back. D
  10. That seahorse really is special (the rest certainly aren't bad either). Daniel
  11. Definately cracking shots. I may need to call the travel agent...
  12. Tim I much prefer the 'Nexus' shot over the 'Nauticam' one. Does that mean you should have saved your money?
  13. Woody My 2p worth. The idea behind the excellence competition was to show a range of shots. To my mind the manta and the whale shark aren't that different styles of shot to really demonstrate the range. The sweetlips is IMHO a really nice shot and a very good start. It is the other two that let the sequence down. The whaleshark looks soft and appears to lack definition. Both this and the manta give the impression that it would have been good to be there and there is probably a strong emotion attachment, but as images neither is really the different or stand out from the crowd. Daniel
  14. Really like the lighting on the 1st shots. An excellent example of green water photography. Daniel
  15. My extension rings often seem to get stuck. Don't force it or use grease. Put it in a bowl of warm water to let the o-ring soften slightly and then to turn it. It works for me. Daniel
  16. Paul There is a danger here of going well off post and so I won't say much. If I help a neighbour out with plumbing, as a one off, and he gives me £10 does that mean that I am, for tax purposes, a professional plumber? No. Not unless I do it regularly and along established business lines. Similarly, if I sell a picture taken as part of a hobby rather than as a business, is it business income? No. For the same reason. HMRC actually spend a lot of time arguing things like photographing aren't by way of business because otherwise Tim would owe a hundred pounds in tax but then claim for all of his camera equipment as business expenditure. That would lead to a nice repayment. If gift aid contained a clause that said that the individual sums donated must have derived from a business or employment income the system would be unworkable. What matters is that Tim has paid sufficent income tax to cover the donation. Whether that donation is £10 his granny gave him is irrelevant. Daniel
  17. I am not an expert on direct taxation but my understanding is that only income earnt with a trade or an activity carried out along business lines in subject to taxation. The UK law has a number of badges of trader with things like "carried out on normal business principals" and "on a regular or frequent basis". One off income from the sale of pictures will not be within the scope of income tax. The advantage of getting the money yourself and paying it over to a UK charity is that it can be gift aided. The charity claims back the equivalent basic rate tax that you would have paid on the donation and you can also claim that amount as an extension to your higher rate threshold. It does not matter that you have decided to donate the money from non-business income that you have received as long as you have paid sufficent UK tax. So, it is worth it for the charity at least, for you to get the money yourself and gift aid it to the charity. Daniel
  18. Stew Have a look at the terms and conditions link on the bottom of the site. You'll see the company address is in Kowloon in Hong Kong (although they do try to hide this). You'll also see that you are agreeing that you are the sole importer and liable for any import VAT or duties payable on your items. I did think it rather strange that anyone could sell for the same price as the Far East and be that much cheaper than the UK despite having to pay c.20% extra in taxes. If you are going to buy from Japan/HK then have a look at Yuzo uwdigitalcamera.com. His service is second to none and you are likely to get the housing before the week is out. Daniel
  19. Stew I think CUW are your only real option. Kevin at www.aquaphot.net will order them in and may well beat them for price but he won't stock something like that. Daniel
  20. Adam The schools certainly are there at the moment. I came back from there on Sunday. Shark and Yolanda Reefs at Ras Mo had huge shoals of snappers and bat fish. I understand that the peak in meant to be on the new moon next week but I am not authority on such things. Daniel
  21. I am no expert on here but these are my thoughts anyway. The first thing that I would do is get closer. The more than the main subject occupies the frame the less the sand will appear to intrude. The eel is what you are trying to show and is the point of interest. The sand is not particular interesting and so you can get rid of as much as possible. The flash fires very quickly and this is want is lighting most of the frame. Therefore the shutter speed won't have a great deal of difference on this composition. It is possible to use a snoot to only light the subject but as you are new to this I would stick with the basics. You should also remember that if you shoot upwards then you can also remove the seabed. So, if I were you I would get as close and as low as possible when retaking the shot. I hope that helps Daniel
  22. I must say that I really do not see the point of going deep for deeps sake. I know that the techie community here in the UK seem to shun anything that is not 50m+ deep. Want you have not mentioned is what the Maldive have deep that makes it worth going down there. The Maldive is usually known for mantas and fish life which would appear to be perfectly acceptable under the current limit. What is tec going to add (other than increased bends and possibly deaths)? D
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