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  1. Although it is all a variance on a theme, I use a lanyard that contains a clip with a loop. When you undo the central it is effectively extended. That means that I can keep the camera attached onto me at all time. Ongoing in and on deco the lanyard is short so that hang nicely. During the dive is extended giving enough freedom to move the camera as I see fit. That way I do not even need to delay to clip the camera on before going through a shutdown.



  2. The thing with macro is that it is not always clear where the shots were actually taken. I would imagine, depending on where you are, that you see far more Red Sea macro shots than you realise.


    Particularly on night dives the coral tends to come alive with shrimps, small crabs and the like, giving plenty of interesting things to shoot. If you skip these you really are missing out.


    As PRC said, if you take a 60mm macro then you also have the fish portraits.


    I would definitely take one.

  3. Just canceled my Amazon UK order-and have ordered it from the States


    Amazon UK are still not actually giving a lead time-the last deadline of 15-17th Feb passed, and they haven't updated it yet!




    According to the publishers at last nights meeting the copies they were selling are pre-release and there will be no copies available on Amazon for about a month.



  4. It certainly does. Add the 1.4 TC and you get a longer lens which can mean a smaller kit. One lens + TC = 2 w/a lenses that you and use with the same dome port.


    Although surely you need an additional extension ring for the port to compensate for the added length of the teleconverter as well as any extra gear and so you are not really saving much.



  5. Found this with Hidden Depths:

    A weeks shore based diving, from May 12th to May 19th, in the Southern Red Sea, staying at the ECO Village of Marsa Shagram. At only £769 inc London flights, transfers, full board, accommodation and unlimited diving this is a trip not to be missed.


    I would asume Elphinstone would be available at a supplement too?


    Anyone interested in Buddying up for this trip please PM me, I might be up for it




    Consider flying with Easyjet rather than using the packaged flight. You'll find that the cost quoted is made up of something like £400 for the holiday and £370 for the flight. Going with Easyjet with saving about £200 and give a better weight allowance. There is the extra connection time but that is normally only spent sitting around waiting at the resort anyway.



  6. If there is a downside to Marsa Alam, it would be the lack of nightlife. It is the total opposite of Sharm el Sheikh. Bear in mind that there are fewer divers, too.


    Clearly some peoples downsides are other upsides. Sharm these days is rapidly turning into my version of hell. Too many divers on the popular sites and far too much noise pollution, but that is to digress. Some of the Marsa Alam hotels are now acquiring that delightful late night noise so beloved by those of us that want to get in an early morning (i.e. 06.00) dive for the low light. I was also in Shagra in June and it was the first time that I had heard it there but it is meant to now be a regular feature.


    I have been to Shagra a couple of time and I have also just come back from the sister camp, Nakari. For me the choice of the two is Nakari. It is quieter, far more personal, and generally has a better ambiance. For me the diver was better. More swim throughs and decent shallow corals, large shoals of ghost mackeral (bigger than those at Shagra), bait fish, and wrasse. We also regular had large numbers of squid. Dolphins are also meant to be more commonly seen in the bay.


    If you want clubs and pubs then stick to Hurghada and Sharm. If you are not with an all photo group then there is a good chance that they will want you to follow the herd. If you want unrestricted easy diving shorebased then I would go for Marsa and the Eco Villages.


    I am going to the Marsa Shagra camp in April. Those of you that have been there, on the house reef, how much control do RSDS apply to get people to follow buddy rules? I have the SDI solo certification, and will dive with a pony.


    Regards Bent


    You won't be allowed to solo. Although it has been known to person to add their name to a group, go in with them and come out at about the same time :lol:



  7. You could always try going along to the next meeting of the Northern Underwater group who meet in Manchester (I think). If you are a little further south then there is also the East Midlands Underwater Photograhpy group (EMUP) who meet at Stoney Cove. The Northern lot are meeting tonight so you may be a little late for that one. EMUP is next week. They are a very helpful group geared for beginners as much as advanced.


    If you fancy a course then Maria Munn does courses for compact users that are meant to be very good. I know that she recently taught someone who prompt one BSoUPs best beginner a few months later.



  8. It is nice to see that Alex, Eric and a few others managed to get a couple of papers of shots in the Metro this morning as part of the bite back campaign. Well done.


    The only downside for me though was that, even though the story was trying to help conservation, they still insisting on putting in a shot of a great white bearing its teeth.



  9. What about second hand goods? Anyone got a handle on what HMRC here in the UK charge?






    It makes no difference whether the goods are new or second hand. The only exception is where the goods have previously had VAT paid on them and they have not changed hands outside the EU. Without this exception Customs would be able to charge VAT and duty on all the contents of your luggage whenever you came home from holiday.



  10. VAT and duty are due on all goods entering the EU unless there is a specific relief. The duty rate on lenses is 6.7% as I recall. VAT will be a further 15%. The duty is calculated on the ex work value (goods, shipping, insurance) and VAT is then charged on that and the duty.


    If the goods are under £18 in value then the small goods relief means that they can be imported tax free. That goes up to £36 if they are gifts.


    The importation of goods as temporary imports of commercial samples (a favourite of the far eastern suppliers) means that the duty in suspended and (theoretically at least) becomes due if the goods are not removed from the EU within 18 months (plus interest and penalties).


    Just remember that insuring the goods for £250 and declaring with this a customs value of £10 doesn't require a genuis at the port!

  11. Annie


    When I went from film to digital (N90 to D70) the loss of ttl did give me reservations. Initally I went for the S&S ttl converter. These work with the D300 and Inons (I think!!!). However, my converter had problems with a leak and while I was waiting for S&S UK to sort it and give me a new one I started shooting manually. It is a very steep learning curve and by the time I had my new converter I didn't what it anymore and decided to stay manual.


    It needs to be remembered that ttl only works effectively when the subject covered a large part of the frame (i.e. macro rather than wide angle). For scenics manual is likely to be the better option anyway.


    Personally I prefer the idea of hard wiring over optics as it should be more reliable.


    Slave strobes usually have a sensor that detects light from another strobe and fires in sync. For remove cave lighting with slaves it will be matter particularly what fires the primary light as long as it is strong enough for the sensor to detect it.


    The Z240s are very popular with good reason. The YS250s are large and this can be an issue when trying to get the proverbal 'quart into a pint pot' that is packing for overseas trips.



  12. Martin Edge does a number of week long trips. Granted they are main populated by Brits and run by UK tour operators but I am sure they would be more than happy to sort things out starting from the States.


    Unlike a lot of photographer led trips, Martin tends to dedicate his time to helping other improve their shots rather than concentrating on their own. The improvement that I have seen in, even experienced, photographers after a week with him is quite pronounced.




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