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  1. Cal


    Stunning shots as usually. I do look forward to seeing your latest shots.


    May I ask a question about your production costs? Are you using professional models, make up artists, etc or are these people working for their portfolio? If they do charge, rough how much?


    I am just thinking of hiring a tank in order to give this a go and wondered roughly how much a session would cost.


    Many thanks


  2. I have received a reply from Natural England regarding the photographing of seahorses:



    In April 2008 all seahorse species which normally occur in our coastal waters received full protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended).


    This protection means that it is an offence to intentionally or recklessly disturb any seahorse. Photography and filming of seahorses is likely to cause disturbance particularly if a flash is used and would constitute an offence. Natural England can issue licences which allow the disturbance of seahorses but will normally only issue such licences if there is a conservation, educational or scientific benefit.


    A licence is not required if the photography does not cause any disturbance to the seahorses. This could possibly be achieved if the photos are taken without a flash and are taken for only a few seconds ideally taking just one quick image. Subsequent returns to the specific location which are known to contain seahorses is likely to cause disturbance.


    In certain circumstances the photography may cause no additional disturbance, for example, if you accidentally caught a seahorse in a crab pot and photographed it this would not be an offence providing no additional disturbance was caused by the photography and every effort was made to re-release the seahorse as soon as practical"

  3. Whilst I really wouldn't want to comment on the use of flashes on seahorses, having photographed the turtles at Abu Dabbab many times I can honestly say that they have never shown any indication of being bothered by flashes. In fact, apart from snorklers trying to ride them, I have never really seen them bothered by anything.


    In terms of the dugong, I understand it that he is very rarely ever seen their any more and bearing in mind the mobs that surround him when he does, blaming strobes is a bit rich.


    A group of us were at ELphinestone photographing the oceanics a couple of weeks ago and we certainly never saw any reaction to our flashes, nor were we told to avoid their use.


    I would write to Emperor and tell them that if they do not welcome photographers or the use of flash guns they should make it clear so that photographer make exercise their judgement as to whether they should use their services.



  4. Hey Daniel, if you use Canon CLI-8 cartridges here's one for you.


    Impressed as I am at the prices from 7 Day Shop, Asda are offering a Canon 'CLI-8 Chromalife Pack' comprising one each of C, M & Y and 50 sheets of 10 x 15 cm photo paper at a few pence shy of £13.00. I bought the lot! Then I found 50 sheet packs of Asda brand 6 x 4" photo paper at 2 pence each. Yes, you read that right. Two pence! I bought the lot of those too...



    Thanks Tim


    Looks like I'll have to go and try to find an Asda.



  5. Hi Daniel

    Where was the leak and how bad. Please send pictures and details of the repair. I may be intereted in the D70 as well so piccy's of that would be good too.


    If you want to give me your email address I can send you pictures. The leak resulted in a small teaspoon of water getting into the housing. The camera and lens were undamaged, unaffected. I can produce receipts for the repair (by KMR) as well as receipts for subsequent pressure tests and servicing showing that it is no longer a problem.



  6. I sorta helped a friend sell his pic on a German mag in exchange for dinner at my fave restaurant. He told me today that magazine charged him VAT on payment to his bank account, which to me is unheard of. I thought German VAT rules for non-resident (German or EU) was that the payer (service purchaser) has the burden of VAT tax and not the payee (service provider)?

    Anyone have anyone experience with picture sales in Germany? This is a really good dinner I'm about to lose! :)


    Cross border VAT is my area of professional expertise so I will attempt to explain how this works. Whilst I work for the UK tax authorities, VAT is an EU wide tax based upon common principals. Therefore, the rules should be the same in all Member States.


    When you sell the rights to publish a picture you are making a grant of copyright (a service) and this falls under the 1st indent of Article 56 of the EC VAT Directive. As such it is taxable where the recipient belongs. As your friend is supplying the picture to the German publisher (i.e. a German recipient), the service is subject to VAT in Germany. However, under the reverse charge provisions, the publisher should account for the VAT rather than the supplier. This is applied on top of the consideration for the supply (i.e. if he sells the right for 100 EUR and German VAT is at 21% than the VAT is 21 EUR). Now, if the publisher is self billing then the invoice he issues would show 100 EUR + 21EUR VAT. The publisher can then recover the VAT on his return. It has a nil net tax effect.


    The upshot of all of this is the your friend may receive an self billed invoice showing VAT but this should not effect the amount he is actually paid for the publishing rights.


    Clear? Mud?



  7. Could I suggest that you have a look at Martin Edges book. The art, according to this book anyway, is not to use these huge arms but rather than to use shorter arms and tilt the strobes outward so that you only use the edge of the beam to light the subject. Personally, I would go for shorter arms. THese will be unwealdy. Search for threads on arm length and you'll find very few people use this sort of length any more. For the price of a 250 and these arms you could get a pair of Inons on shorter arms and better results (at least by virtue of having two strobes rather than one).

  8. So one of my bosses is saying he's going to sell his barely used D70 kit plus his DX-D70 housing for about $1500 to $2000. MAYBE a bit cheaper.


    I don't know what he is throwing in for that money but unless it include a few ports and lenses that would seem like a lot to me.


    The going rate for a DX70 housing is around $500 (in the UK as least) and another $1500 would certainly buy a couple of new ports and lenses.


    I have not used the G10 but compared to the compacts that I have, an SLR is far more intuitative and easier to capture that shot that you want. Added to which, once you come to upgrade the G10 you are starting afresh. At least with a second hand DX D70 you can retain the ports.



  9. I need him to buy Sea&Sea 250 Strobe with 4"-11"-11" or 15" Aquatica arms, cords and everything else I need to make it work. Gisli A Gudm




    Am I right in thinking that you are going for a 3 section arm with a 4 inch and 2 11 or 15 inch sections?


    If so, can I ask why you need such large arms?


    I have S&S single and y cables with arms consisting of a 5 and 8 inch section and the cables are fairly well stretched with those. Remember that a Y cable in particular can be rather prone to breaking if stretched.




  10. The problem with ports is that most people keep hold of them when they upgrade. Hence there are far fewer ports on the market than housings.


    I don't know where you are based but some of the Japanese dealers are cheap, even after import tax (for example www.uwdigitalcamera.com)

    or if you are going to the States B&H are very good (I don't know if they ship overseas)


    The other option is to put a post up in this classified section here saying that you would like to buy S&S ports.





  11. hi daniel


    hope u havent put the housing up on ebay yet, im defo interestedin the housing,, i have a d70 i got a link to this website from scuba board sorry im late i have been busy since i posted on scuba board, hope u havent put it up there yet


    it says the housing isint being made anymore would that mean i wouldnt be able to get new ports


    hit back thanks very much


    I haven't actually put it up yet.


    The Sea and Sea D70 housing takes the Sea and Sea NX ports that are still made and widely sold. They are the same as used on the current D300, D3, D200, D80 models (although they now call them MDX).



  12. I am selling on my S&S DX-D70 housing. No ports, just the housing.


    The housing has also had a second strobe sync port professionally added. It has been serviced annually (last was in November). It is well used but in good condition.


    However, it has had a slight leak. This has been professionally repaired but you can see where it has been done. The insides were all replaced and repair afterwards. It has done another 100 dives over 18 months since without issues.


    I am look for £400 (thats about $600 ot 450 EUR-although I want £s). I will also sell the buyer a D70 for £150 if they want it.


    If anyone whats any pictures I will be happy to provide them.



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