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  1. Mark I know a lot of people use Divemaster in Southend and they do have a good reputation. To insurance your camera gear you also need to insurance your dive kit as well. A word of warning, it is not cheap. I seem to remember that annual insurance for UK and abroad was something like 20-25% of the value insured. Personally I'd rather take the risk. My camera, lenses and housing are all hand luggage and do not go out of my reach. The biggest risk is always going to be either when packing your gear into the hold or from leaving it at a dive centre. Don't do either. Daniel
  2. Good luck with ebay. Let us know how you get on. Daniel
  3. Out of interest, there was a D200 housing up for sale on ebay where the buyer did not have any handles. May be worth a look in case it is your one. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=190278245791 Daniel
  4. Tim Did you find a UK supplier for this? I have had a look and come up with nothing. Daniel
  5. I dived Moalboal in October. We picked there so avoid the typhoon season that hits further north. Moalboal is basic but comfortable. The coral and macro are very good but there is very little fish life bigger than a few inches. So, if you want coral and macro then Moalboal is well worth a visit. For all round diving much less so. Daniel
  6. Tristan How reliable have you been finding Swanage for providing diveable conditions over winter? After trying it a few times last April when viz rarely exceeded 1m, I assumed that it was unsuitable for winter diving. It would certainly be preferable to Guildenburgh or Wraysbury. Daniel
  7. If you are having difficulty finding a flight to Marsa then you could always consider flying into Luxor, rather than Cairo, and then travelling overland. It takes a while (5 hours) and you can only go at certain times of the day because all vehicles travel in convoy. It is an option. Your operator would be able to sort it out. You could alway add a day to the trip as well and see the Valley of the Kings/Queens and the temples. Just an idea Daniel
  8. As someone has said, currently only Thomson and Thomas Cook fly to Marsa Alam from London. The current prices are nearly £350-400 and they are, without a shadow of doubt, both the worst airlines ever. Think Ryanair with less legroom and ruder staff. We are returning to Marsa Shagra in June but, as my partner refuses to fly with Thomson/TC, we are flying into Hurghada and paying extra for the transfer (£30 each) which takes 2-2.5 hours. Easyjet flights to Hurghada cost me £160 each including all the extras such as sports luggage allowance. It is certainly worth considering. Daniel
  9. The normal format is to have a talk, followed by a slideshow of the month's competition entries (on which the attendees vote), then a break followed by another talk. The talks tend to vary in content. The subject is given is advance on the website. If you are thinking of going then I would wait for a talk (or talks) of particular interest if you are trying any distance. Tonight is the AGM and Christmas social. So if you fancy meeting all the usual suspects.......
  10. My S&S D70 housing has seen better days. Not only it is aging but the front has now showing small radial cracks that, while are treatable, are only going to get worse. Upgrade time. Now, I am neither a pro nor am I particularly well off and so I tend to go for the middle of road system (think D70, D80, D90). It is also worth bearing in mind that as the pound has down from $2 to $1.4, housings have gone up in price by about 25-30% retail. When it comes to my upgrade the obvious choice would have been the D90. Now it seems that S&S are going down the RDX route which means a small port hole and the need for 2 different adapters (one for bayonet and one for the macro screw extensions). Becuase these add length to the ports it means my Sigma 15mm is useless and my 60mm and 105mm ports (base + S and 79) will no longer be suitable for those lenses. Effectively, to stick with S&S means either going up to the D300 or buying all new ports. Is this me, or do others think that this is a mistake on S&S's behalf? Normally, once you have invested in ports you are effectively tied in to the manufacture because of the cost of replacing them. But by making people require you ports you are giving them an option (at roughly the same price) of going over to the likes of Nexus or Aquatica. I appreciate they may believe that the Ike end of the market is worth chasing but again, they are only going to attract new to photography customers who do not have money invested in Ike ports. I would imagine that the D40/D60 newcomers are likely to be price sensitive, but D90? What do others think?
  11. Where are you based please? How much is postage to the UK? Daniel
  12. As those with a really good memory may recalled from an early thread, I had some problems with my Mk II ttl converter. It went back to Sea and Sea and they have finally sent me a brand spanking new Mk III model. The only thing is that I have since changed my wiring back to non-ttl [the DX70 housings needed a wire change for ttl] and have no inclination to change it back again. The upshot is that I have a brand new Nikon type Mk III converter that is surplus to requirement. Unused and still in its box. I would assume [but don't hold me to it] that it still has a fully guarantee. I am in London/Surrey in the UK but happy to ship out pretty much anywhere [although if you are in the far east or africa and have made very few posts I reserve the right to sell it elsewhere]. I am open to offer. The units go for £339 in the UK. Daniel
  13. When I first went to a dSLR from film I was sufficently concerned about the lack of ttl that I invested in a converter. This went swimming with the fishes [in more ways than one] and as a result I was forced into using manual. The big difference with digital is the immediate feedback. With film you wanted to know that you had the exposure about right so that you wasn't wasting the roll and the dive. It was only a case of +/- tweaks. With digital there is instant feedback and so ttl is only an advantage in quick grabs. For anything else you can retake the shot until the histogram looks good. My replacement ttl converter is finally due by the end of the month. But having been without it for 6 months I am seriously wondering whether there is any point in using it. Chances are that I'll leave it in the box and hope that someone want to buy it. I think that this shows how important ttl is. Raw every time.
  14. I may be mistaken but it looks very much like the zoom special effect in Photoshop.
  15. Personally I like the amount of dead space in the picture. It gives the effect that the cuttlefish/squid is coming out of the blue void. I like this shot very much. Daniel
  16. The exposure seems to be spot on. I am not sure what you was trying to achieve with the compositiion. I very much prefer the diver to be looking away from the camera.
  17. Alex Lovely shots as always. I am curious as to how the first shot was taken. I assume that the black background is a mix of small aperature and fast shutter and that the fish is lit on a relatively high power. The question would then seems to be how is the reflection so bright as to be exposed with the aperature / shutter settings? Excuse my ignorance. Many thanks Daniel
  18. Peng Is it possible that you set the WB manually and then used the flash? That would explain the redness. The camera would be expecting very little red because it would have been absorbed at depth. When the strobe goes off it would have added the red back in but the camera doesn't know about it and so adds even more. Daniel
  19. If Cmhhawaii doesn't want them, could you give me some details of what you have and what you are looking for? I am a little closer
  20. You may want to have a look at the white balance and levels on some of the pictures. Some appear to be very red indeed. Daniel
  21. Fantastic shots. My favourite is the seahorse.
  22. For macro I would have the strobes parallel to the plane of the lens and to the side of the port. The distance between the port and the strobes would depend upon how far away the subject is. For wide angle I would move the arms out wide, strobes initially facing forward, and then move the strobes so that they are pointing slightly inward or outward as required.
  23. I need three arms [don't we all], two for me and one for my significant other. Up to now I have been using bendy arms but recently I have decided that they are just not bendy enough and will not go into some of the positions that I want them. I was rather horrified to find that 3 sets of arm (Inon) come out as £1000 [$2000]. TLC are a little cheaper but not much. Granted I can buy them abroad and ship them to the UK but that is still £500 plus shipping plus taxes (at about 25%). I have noticed that there are Fantasea / B&J 1" ball arms for about £75 per set. Has anyone used them or can tell me what they are like? At 1/4 of the price it is difficult to see how this is justified. Daniel
  24. Well I have now heard. The TTL Converter II was returned in May. S&S UK sent it back to Japan who have replied. I am to get a new replacement. The TTL Mk III has been discontinued and so I will be getting the new model.....when it comes out.....not before the end of September........ Do I laugh or cry?
  25. I sent mine back to Kevin at Aquaphot, from whom I bought it. When he took it apart he said that the reason that it had flooded was a fracture in the main O-ring, not the battery compartment. Apparently this is the same reason as the other ones that he has had back. There was no doubt that this was the cause because I could see the drops of water appear on the dive after it packed up. He sent this to Sea & Sea UK who in turn sent it back to the factory. We'll see what happens when they get back to me. Daniel
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