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  1. Some lovely shots particularly the seal and the blue eyed fish. A pleasure to view. Can I ask whether you have photoshop'd the blue eye in? I was trying to see a reflection of a diver. Daniel
  2. I was using the S&S Converter II until a couple of weeks ago when it too decided to start letting water into it circuitry. I must say that I was less than impressed that a "sealed unit" with no signs of damage should start to leak. The unit was nearly a year old. I was told by the person from whom I bought it that it was the second one he'd had back that week that had leaked. I must say that, given what appears to be the reliability of the units if does seem easier just to shoot on manual. The unit is handy for macro but I am not convinced they are the trouble. Daniel
  3. Is there anyway of viewing the POTW as a slideshow, preferably leaving out the "hidden" shots?
  4. I think that this may be a bit harsh. There is still a lot that can be learnt from topside shots and the comments that they get. For that reason I do think that joining in is still worth while. Interesting we have 2 well known UK photographers on the Surrey circuit that give talks on underwater photography and the realm [Len Deeley and Linda Pitkin]. These are always well attended and the photographs applauded. The idea just doesn't seem to transfer those judging. One particular woman scored a well composed, perfectly exposed, sharp picture of an anenome fish with a 6 [the lowest score given]. The very next shot she described as having significant problems will its composition, lack of focus and colour cast. 6 1/2. I did nearly walk out there and then, never to return. Daniel
  5. Now you're showing why you not a local judge. Unless there is a big landscape behind the first thing that many of them do is try to find a bit of concrete wall or the like. One member was commended for making a tiger look as if it was actually in its natural habitat and for not leaving any the tell tale features in the shot. No-one wanted to point out that this was because it was shot on a tiger safari in India.
  6. I have gone down the same route and entered shots with titles such "Turtle at Abu Dahab" and "Fish beneath Comino" and the judges have still started talking about aquaruim shot. In the last round of our print competition I enter 2 very different underwater shots, a turtle portrait and a close cropped ray [my avatar in fact], and my other half entered a shot of a pair of butterfly fish and another of a close up redeye. You are allowed 3 shots each so we also put in topside shots. The judge is actually quoted as say "not more fish pictures"! There was something like 15 landscape entries. Even putting in a diver in the background does not seem sufficent to show it is not an aquarium shot. I think that the thing to remember that a fish portrait may not be special to most people. There are unlikely to appreciate how difficult the shot was to take. The same is true for many wildlife shots. Normally, upside at least, this is why they say that the animal must be doing one of the 3 F's (feeding, fighting, and....). I think that for shots to work in mainstream clubs they must be strong compositions from an topsiders perspective. Macro is far more difficult in that respect. Daniel
  7. Well done Tim. And you didn't want to post the pictures! Congrats to the other Tim (Timing) who appears to have got a first place in the aquatic life. Daniel
  8. The girlfriend and I are looking at going out to the far east for the first time toward the end of this (Nov, Dec). Hoping to keep it relatively cheap and cheerful, we have been looking at either Bali or the Philippines (Cebu or Manila way). This is because flights are around £550 and we seem to be able to get 7-9 days diving, accommodation and transfers for around £450. Effectively £1000 each all in. What we would really like is the chance to photograph some of the unusual critters that you don't see in the Med or Red Sea. I have a preference for small over large. Obviously we would also like to do some WA reef or wreck. Has anyone been to both and able to give a comparision? Alternatively, anywhere else we should be looking that isn't going to push the bill? Many thanks Daniel
  9. The trouble that I have is that I bought the spouse her own camera. No more "free" modelling and critter spotting. Daniel
  10. This is my favourite on the year. Taken at Masra Shagra near Marsa Alam in the Red Sea with a 60mm macro lens on D70 in a S&S housing with 2 YS90s.
  11. I've just come back from Shagra. Apparently this year was very quiet for the Oceanics. If that is what you want to see then it is November. They were well gone by December.
  12. I've just bought my girlfriend a Coolpix 5100 and housing for Christmas. Rather than the Fantasea, I went for the Ikelite housing which has the add benefit of ttl via a synch lead when used with an Ikelite substrobe (I bought a DS51). The Ikelite also has a 67mm thread making it easy to find direct fit quality WA and macro lenses. Daniel
  13. I've had a bit of bad news today. Apparently the cause of my recent leak is a crack in the front half of my Sea and Sea housing. I have no idea how that has happened although it looks to be caused by an impact to the port. I treat it like a baby and so I can only think that it may be caused my the skipper on a recent trip throwing it into the weight box (I was still getting back on the boat). The upshot is that I am without a working housing and I have only a couple of days to get hold of a replacement before going away on a trip to the Red Sea. As my camera is a D70, new is not an option. One of the UK retailers has a 2nd hand Media Sub housing that takes Sea and Sea ports. I have never heard of them. Anyone come across these? Thanks Daniel
  14. The hotshoe connector on the S&S D70 housing only has 3(?) pins as standard and so cannot handle ttl. You need to get it changed. I had to do this when I bought the ttl converter.
  15. July this year. I was diving in shore diving at Babbacombe on the south coast of the UK. There are very little by way of facilities. I checked the camera throughout the dive and there were no problems. Took the kit home (5 hour drive) and put it in the bath. Worked the dials through. Luckily the house was port down. Took the kit out of the bath to dry and, when it had, I opened the housing. There at the bottom of the port was water; fresh thankfully. The problem appears to have been caused because I had been leaving the housing for too long before rinsing it off. There was a built up of salt in one of the buttons which had cut into the seal in one of the glands and allowed water in. Now I make sure that I wrap the housing in a wet towel and then put it in a plastic bin liner to keep it moist if there is to be a delay in getting access to a rinse tank. My second flood was this weekend. Went to change the memory card and found a couple of spoonfulls of water inside. THe camera and lens are again OK. The water again appears to be fresh water from the rinse tank. No idea what caused it. I'll find out when Kevin at Aquaphot gets his hands on it to test it. Daniel
  16. I have been lazy. Very lazy. I have several thousand pictures all within subfolders of a folder. All have been storage using either the default folder (usually date related) for either the camera [when directly transferring] or the flashtrax [backup device]. In some case I had the same set of photos backed up from both! Last night was the straw that broke the camels back. I spent 45 minutes searching for a particular shot of an owl that I knew I wanted to enter into the loca club B&W competition. I couldn't remember when it was taken. What I want is some software that can trawl through my subdirectories, let me catagorise the images, and then store them accordingly so that I can quickly view them by type [preferably in Rawshooter]. Allowing me to grade them would be good. But, most importantly, this needs to be quick and easy. I don't want to spend the next year's free time devoted to it. Any suggestions? Thanks Daniel
  17. The Sea and Sea converters allow you to externally dial between +/- 1 stop in 1/3 increments.
  18. I think that, if you were to apply a literal meaning of the word novice, then there would be very little difference between those shooting on DSLRs and those using a P&S. The novice DSLR shooter is unlikely to have mastered the additional benefits. Both shooters are likely to be concerned solely with capturing the moment in a sharp, well composed picture. However, I do think that the competitions definition of a beginner is not synonomous with the literal meaning of a novice. The competition is open to anyone who has not won a first place in a major underwater event. I, for one, would not regard myself at a novice, having many years of photographic experience, and certainly knowing my way round a DSLR. I just have never entered an underwater competition. Now, imagine that I did (and that I was actually any good!). I would imagine that, with the additional tools at my disposal, I would have a significant advantage over a P&S shooter - all other things being equal. So, do I think there should be a distinction between DSLR and P&S users? Yes, if the definition and eligibility criteria for the class are broad. Daniel
  19. I am waiting on Sea and Sea to get back to me. Apparently Sea and Sea UK have had to ask Japan (or whereever). It looks at though there may be a difficulty with the amount of extension in the lens when it close focuses. This may mean that the lens will only be any good for tight close up macro but useless should I need to move back a bit. The lens appears to extend from 97mm to 145mm as it focuses through the range. This will leave the front element effectively 2 inches minimuim from the front of the flat port when when it approaches infinity. It looks as though this will mean that the port will be visible if shooting more than a foot or two away. We'll see what S&S say when they come back. Thanks for the comments though. Daniel
  20. Underwater I have been using only a 60mm macro with my Sea and Sea housing. This is using a compact macro base port. The difficulty that I have been having is getting tight close up (true macro) shots with getting too in-yer-face of the poor subject. I do already own a tamron 90mm for topside, which I love. It seems silly to get a 105mm when I already have the 90mm. The trouble is, which port? Any suggestions? Thanks Daniel
  21. I am using a Nikon D70 in a Sea & Sea housing with a pair of YS90s. TTL is achieved through using a S&S TTL converter II. I did shoot manual for a while after converting to digital as I had no option! Where I prefer the ttl is for a grabbed shot. Whilst bracketing always made sure I could get the shot I wanted with manual, that was only really an option where the creature would hang around. I do turn the ttl off for most scenic shots though. Daniel
  22. Have you considered buying from Japan? I'm sure Tim (from DG) bought his from here and it was a lot cheaper than even from the States. Daniel
  23. The trouble that we have this year is that our annual leave situation is not all it could be and so we are stuck with having to limit it to a week. Added to which, because we are looking at December (i.e not long before Christmas), we could do with keeping the cost down. A late weeks shore based in Taba or Marsa is something like £250 each plus diving whereas a weeks liveaboard is around £1000 each.
  24. I am looking at heading back to the Red Sea at the end of the year to add some blue water shots to my collection. I've done both Sharm and Hurghada many times and really wanted something different. Last time at Tiran was like trying to compose pictures in Picadilly Circus. What I was hoping for was somewhere less crowded and where the guides are either happy to leave you alone or allow composition time before shoo'ing you on. I was sort of trying to choose between Nuweiba, Taba, Dahab or Marsa. Has anyone dived all or most of these and able to give a good comparison? Thanks Daniel
  25. Are you sure that you are using the same shutter speed. I don't know about the E300 but many cameras default to a set speed (usually 1/60th) when they detect TTL. So, for example, you shoot manual at f12 and 1/90th and for manual the strobe syncs with this speed. However, when you turn the TTL on, you are now shooting at f12 and 1/60 even though you haven't altered the cameras settings. I hope that this helps. Daniel
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