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  1. I've bought quite a bit of new camera equipment and lenses from Hong Kong via ebay. I've been very pleased. I've often received the gear within a couple of days, almost quick at domestic purchases. The reason that they are often cheap is that they don't bear import tax and VAT (sales tax) which would normally have to be added when buying. However, many of the dealer seem to be more than helpful with Customs declaratons.
  2. Can someone tell me whether the GN on strobes in accumulative? I have a pair of YS90 which are both rated as GN20. I am trying to work out the maximum aperture that I have get away with for macro shots in a dark envoirnment. Is it as simple as saying 2x20 @ 1.5m gives me about f24. If they are not accumulative then is their a way of working it out other than trial and error? Thanks Daniel
  3. Jordi I am curious as to why you would diffuse the fill light. If the diffuser is there to soften the shadows then would you not only use it on the primary strobe? Surely the secondary strobe does not create a shadow as such. Any shadow would be caused by the difference in power of the primary over the secondary.
  4. I do not have a clue about picture 1 but I would guess that picture 2 is either a diffused single strobe positioned towards the top left of the picture or two strobes with the right one firing at about 1/4 power. This is based upon the lighting being soft (I am thinking diffused) and the faint shadows.
  5. Another poster and I have both given different opinions on when to use a diffuser on your strobes. My thoughts were the diffusers are best used close up, rather than wide angle, in order to achieve an even light without flash reflections. I also suggested that the use for wide angle was not so desirable because of the lose of output. Another poster has suggest that I am wrong and that the diffusers are primarily for wide angle coverage. Before I fall on my sword and admit my ignorance, I was hoping for others opinion on their use. Thanks Daniel
  6. Don't forget that, although the prices are cheaper in the States, you must still legally declare them to Customs when you return and that means VAT and duties. You may also have warranty issues. Personally I wouldn't overlook the Sea and Sea housing. I've always found them preferable to the Ikelites. Not used the Aquatica or Nexus. If you are starting out and have the £k's to buy these systems then I would suggest that a macro lens is your first stop. WA is not easy at the best of time and at least macro will give decent results from the off. Daniel
  7. Thank you all for your help. I must say that I would never have considered looking for help on diopters in the Gear Lust catagory under the heading for a Canon lens! It would appear that I am able to fit a thin sleeve into an existing gear to make the zoom work. Excellent. Daniel
  8. Rather than spending on a point and click, personally I would keep an eye on the classifieds on here and ebay to look for a 2nd hand housing. I bought a Sea and Sea housing for my D70 for $900 and I have seen them go for £350 ($700). Whilst you'll need the ports, strobes, and cables, but these are normally transferable when you upgrade so you are not losing money there. You already have the lenses (or access to them). Bear in mind that yesterday's compact is often worth very little 2nd hand and you are unlikely to salvage anything other than the strobe when you upgrade. Daniel
  9. I have been Alex Mustard's article in UwP on mid range zooms and it set me thinking. I have an 18-50mm Sigma lens (the f3.5-5.6) that fits within my dome port. The first question is: if Sea and Sea (who make my housing) do not sell a zoom gear for the lens, how do you go about controlling the zoom? Is it a case of knocking one up in a workshop? The second question is: in many articles people appear to add diopters to the lens in varying strengths. How do you know which strength to use for the best results, or even whether to use one at all. Here I am talking about the zoom lens rather than on macro lenses. Is it a case of trial and error. Bearing in mind that most of my shooting in 2 dives a day off the south coast of England over a weekend rather than on week or two week liveaboards. Thanks Daniel
  10. Having been lurking for a while, I have finally decided to subscribe. My name is Daniel Taylor and I live in Surrey, England. Most of my diving in from the south coast although there are many trips to Scotland. I actually started my photography underwater although it has taken a bit of a backseat to topside stuff recently. Many because I want shooting with a housed film Nikon N90 and was tiring of the lack of immediate feedback compared to digital. So now I've parted with the cash and housing my D70. I am not saying that it has renewed my enthusiasm but where's the water? Daniel
  11. I think that the changes in equipment have been driven partly by changes in the type of dives that people, in the UK at least, are untaking and partly by the growth of "internet diving". It seems to me at least, it is becoming far more the normal for people to run up significant decompression times than it has been in the past. A pony is only really any good when you have minimal stops and is of limited benefit if you have 30 or 40 minutes of hang time. I think that there are also more and more people going onto trimix for which a single and pony is just not an option. Part of the trouble then becomes that these people go onto various forum and speak as if this is the one true path and a nature progression. It is hardly surprising that those in their diving infancy listen to this and see the twin set route as the way to head. Much of the potential difficulties with twin sets have been mitigated. Traditional club appears to be very much on the decline and along with it goes diving from rhibs. Most hard boats have lifts and so getting out the water with weight isn't such an issue. Personally I find wings to be far more comfortable than the traditional stab jacket, and I will say that I have never known anyone, having tried both, say that they prefer the latter. Full face masks with coms? This is something that I haven't seen much of. I think the day I have to listen to others chatting whilst I am underwater will be the day I give up diving. Daniel
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