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  1. Price drop to bring it more inline with current offerings.
  2. Upgraded to an LX10, need the money for a new housing, so for sale are a TG-5 and Dive Housing PT-058. Used them for 2 seasons (about 30 dives). Both are in working, honestly near-mint condition. The camera has been in the housing since day one, both body and lens are mint. Housing never flooded and o-rings have been greased. Does not come with original box (unless I manage to find it). Asking $475 $450 (PayPal only) for both shipped via USPS to CONUS US.
  3. Thanks for the info. I haven't really shot WA with my TG-5 as I do not have the lens. I did shoot a couple of shots of coral formations and some wrecks with just the bare camera and I ran into problems of not being able to fit the subject into the shot while also being close enough do get any decent detail....I guess that's where the WA lens comes into play? Haha. That's why I've been just shooting little critters and found that I really enjoy searching for them.
  4. $300 includes shipping (US to 23060)? PM, sent.
  5. Interested. Is this still available?
  6. Awesome shots! What are you using for lighting? I just started dipping my toes into UW photography (photography in general). I went from a GoPro 3+ to the TG-5, Oly housing, and a BigBlue AL2600 lumen video light. My next step is looking into strobe(s). So far I've been mostly shooting macro, some nudies and a ton of blennies for which the video light has done OKish; but now I really want those black backgrounds...so at least one strobe to start. Also, we have a Sea of Cortez trip on the books for 2021 and I would really like to have a WA setup by then...which means two strobes; I've been looking at S-2000s to complement the size of a compact camera, but I'm a bit worried it wont be enough (2xS2000s) for WA.
  7. Those are some beautiful shots! Absolutely love nudies. I've only recently gotten into photography (underwater and otherwise) and slowly building up my gear and knowledge base. Currently have a a TG5 in the Olympus housing and a BigBlue AL2600XWP video light, but I've been really wanting a strobe (or two haha) and the S-2000 is in my top two.
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