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  1. Having just spoken to a guy in underwater photography specialist I now have more concerns that I did before. I have a new canon s50 and was intending to get the canon housing for taking photos in malaysia. However he now has me worried that I will end up flooding the thing (thus loosing the camera for the rest of the holiday). Is getting the camera in an easy task ? Is it easy to flood the thing ? any advice welcome Cheers
  2. I'm new to all of this and can't offer any advice, however I have a question. Did you use some other light source for that photo, I'm looking to get that kind of quality from diving in good conditions in malasyia. Thats a great photo. cheers Dec
  3. Hi I have a canon s50 and am looking at buying a housing for it for diving in mayalasia this summer. Does anyone have any experience with this ? Also, will just the housing be enough or do I need some other kind of lighting source ? And if so how much will that set me back ? thanks Declan
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