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  1. I have removed the 45´viewfinder, and will take the rig out tomorrow , using the back screen. I am sure I can get used to that, but I really like to use the viewfinder, and kind of block everything else out of sight. Not being able to see the whole view is an unacceptable compromise on such a high end camera/housing. Especially when the viewfinder is sold as an accessory to the housing. I don't see anywhere on Nauticams webpage that the view should be limited in the 45´viewfinder on the A7RIV. Quite the opposite. Would be nice if someone from Nauticam would comment on wether or not a solution to the problem is in progress.
  2. Well.I just tested with a new viewfinder for MIL housings. The problem is the same. Apparently it's a known problem, and you can't get a clear and full view in the viewfinder on the A7 housing. I was sure that it was a matter of me spending money on a new viewfinder, and the problem would be solved. What ticks me off, is that the viewfinder is listed as an accessory to the housing, and therefore should work. I already had the viewfinder before buying the housing, but if I bought both at the same time as a set, I would want my money back from my dealer, who would have to deal with Nauticam about it. I hope Nauticam steps up, and find a solution to this problem, as I really want to keep using my 45´viewfinder. Would like to hear from other A7 shooters, to know how they use the camera. Backscreen? Monitor? Other.....?
  3. I didn´t have it fitted. The viewfinder went directly in the housing. I had the diopter on the camera set to fit my eyesight, and in the water I tried turning the diopter knob on the viewfinder both ways, but unsuccessful.This is how I used to do on the DSLR housing.
  4. Hi all. I just had my first dive with my new Sony A7r4 in Nauticam housing. I had the 45 ' viewfinder from my old slr housing installed, but it didn't work like it used to. The view was not clear, and I couldn't see the whole picture. I know Nauticam makes a viewfinder for mil housings, but I thought the difference was in the mount, and was happy to see my old viewfinder fit perfectly. Does anyone know if I just need to change to a mil viewfinder, and everything will be ok? I hope so.
  5. Thank you for your fast reply. I didn't know about the S&S ICL, but having read in to it, it seems like the way to go.
  6. Hi all. I am very close to upgrade to Sony A7R IV, comming from Nikon D7200. This will be my first full frame camera. Lenses I have used on my Nikon is Tokina 10-17, and 105 mm macro. I am quite sure I will be using Canon 8-15, and Sony 90 mm macro on the A7. I have an Orca trip to Norway coming up next fall ( by then I will have upgraded), and I think the 8-15 will be too wide for that. I think the Sony 16-35 will be good for the Orcas ( and other stuff). I also considered using a 28mm and WWL, but I am very good at scratching my domeport, and would hate to scratch the WWL. If I choose to go with the 16-35, should I choose the f2.8 over the less expensive f4 ? Any suggestions?
  7. Thank you CP. I think I will go with the smc. Steen
  8. Hi all I am wondering about the difference between Nauticam smc and cmc. I know that the smc can't be used on the 60 mm, but are there any other difference ? I Use Nikon D7200 in Nauticam, and I have both then 60mm and 105mm macro lenses. Now i wonder which macro converter to get. Any comment on this is most welcome. Steen
  9. Hi guys. Thanks for helping out. I think I got it sorted out now. I tried to use optical cables that I borrowed from a friend, and everything worked fine. I didn't buy Nauticams cables, but got a cheaper one, that obviously isn't good enough. I will replace them tomorrow. Thanks again. Steen
  10. Thanks Elmer. My camera is not set to pre flash, so as I read the manual the ACC should still be disabled. I tried both settings though, and still nothing. Steen
  11. Hi alll. I Just got my Nauticam housing for my D7200. My old camera was a D90 and I triggered my Inons with sync cable. Now I am using fiber optic, and that's where the trouble begins. I have been setting everything up, getting ready for the first dive tomorrow, but I can't make the flashes fire. I've had the flashes fire a few times, but then they stopped again. I tried to flash my sola light directly at the slave sensor, and that triggered the flash every time. The cameras flash are in manual. Please telle me that I have overlooked something. What else could it be ? Steen
  12. Thanks Chris. I already know Hugyfot, as I am housing my D90 in one. Overall I have been very satisfied, but there are few things, I think needs to be improved. That's why I wanted to know about the housing for the D7100. I am pretty sure my next housing is going to be a Hugyfot too.
  13. There are lots of reviews out there, on housings for the D7100, but I can not find any on the Hugyfot housing. Maybe somebody in here, using it, would like to share some input ? Steen
  14. Hi all, I am thinking of buying me a minidome to use with a Tokina 10-17, both with and without a TC. I shoot a D90 in a Hugyfot housing. I have been looking at the Zen minidome, as it seems to be the most popular one, but now i see that Hugyfot has their own version of a minidome. The Hugyfot is slightly larger than the Zen, 125 vs 100 mm. Is that an issue ? Anybody knows if there is any difference between the two, regards to image quality ? Will I be able to use any of the two to ordinary fisheye photography, or are they strictly for CFWA ? Wich one would you buy ? Thank you, and a happy New Year to all of you Steen
  15. Thank you for helping out. I haven't decided yet, but I am down to a choice between #1 and #2 Steen
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