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  1. I'll have a Nikon D300s, Aquatica AD300s and 8.5" dome port for sale soon once the housing is back from being serviced. A great little set up
  2. Having just upgraded from an Aquatica Housing to a Nauticam set-up for my new D500 I'm looking to purchase the following: Nauticam 8.5" Acrylic dome port (18802) Extension Ring 50 with lock (21150) Zoom gear for Tokina 11-16 f/2,8 (19128) UK or Europe Sellers preferred due to import taxes and duty but if the price is right..... (Aqautica AD300s, Nikon D300s and 8.5" dome port for sale soon once its all back from being serviced should anyone be interested whilst trawling posts) Thanks Neil
  3. Thanks for the info guys - been searching back and forth online for weeks re minor scratched. Should have tried here first
  4. New to this forum but been shooting underwater for around 3 years. We run a freediving club in the UK and mainly shoot UW for the training sessions as well as local and national competitions. My current set up is Nikon D300s Aquatica 11-17 2.8 8" dome. Currently considering upgrading to a D500 or D850 if the budget allows....off to check the classifieds.
  5. Currently using a D300s but looking to upgrade to the D500. Any thoughts on Ikelite v Aquatica v Nauticam. Worth paying that little bit more?
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