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  1. Thank you kkfok! Had a look at your videos - field of view is nice and not too distorted. As the 1DC has a 1.3 crop in 4K the 1.7 crop of the 5DIV should be fine too. The footage of the 1DC is not as crisp as i would have expected - due to diving conditions or focussing issues? Regards, Chris
  2. Anybody out there using a Canon 5D Mark IV underwater to create 4K video and willing to share experiences und recommendations? Im trying to find out if a rig based on a 5DIV would make sense. I know the 1.7 crop factor in 4K is a limitation, but what about using the EF 8-15 mm? This should give roughly 14 - 26 mm in 4K which i would consider quite usable for wide angle video. How much fish eye distortion is left then? Any examples available using this setup? TIA Chris
  3. Hi there! Long time Wetpixel reader. Have some questions to ask about setting up a new uw rig.
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